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PwC Hive Hackers CI is a great example of living our purpose and leading by example.

The aim of the Hive Academy is to develop and build trust in society here in the Channel Islands, by inspiring, encouraging and preparing children for a world of technology through exposure to innovative digital education.

Take a look at how we’re doing just that in sessions held at Amherst Primary School in Guernsey.


students have followed our free Hive Hackers computing courses, learning about algorithms, code and data.


teachers and learning support assistants across 50 primary and secondary schools in the Channel Islands and the UK have been upskilled.


volunteers in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney have used PwC CI’s volunteering policy to upskill the students, as well as themselves.

Launched in the Channel Islands in 2021, the Hive Academy provides tailored training and support for teachers, students and parents. Rather than just focusing on IT skills, the programme also looks at the kind of capabilities that are critical in releasing the potential of technology, fostering innovation and improving future employability. These include creativity, collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence, computational thinking, problem-solving and negotiation.

To date, the programme has been taught to students aged 7 to 18 and in over 50 schools in the Channel Islands and the UK. The programme is typically delivered in schools during term time, through practical exercises and using a computer-based programme to show students the simple fundamentals of coding. Students create games, digital projects and cover topics such as sequencing, loops, debugging, conditionals and events. At the end of the programme, an awards ceremony is held during their final lesson and each child is awarded a certificate, medal and gift from PwC.

We are continuously looking at ways to develop and enhance our programme to make an impact on the wider local community. We are currently working on new sessions for younger and older students and plan to add physical computing using MIcroBits and AI sessions to existing courses. This will help us expand our reach in the Channel Islands in the near future.

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Watch this video to witness the fun everyone had at a session held at d'Auvergne School in Jersey when we first launched the programme.

Meet the Hive Academy team

The Hive Academy is led by Ralf, Scott, Kirstie and Kevin who make up the Hive Hackers team.

Digital Learning Manager, Guernsey

Digital Learning Senior Associate, Jersey

Digital Learning Associate, Jersey

Digital Learning Associate, Guernsey

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PwC volunteers

The Hive Academy would not be possible without the support of our brilliant PwC volunteers, who often use their volunteering hours to support the Hive Hackers team as facilitators in the lessons.

Not only is this a hugely rewarding experience for our volunteers, it also gives them a chance to give something back to the community and help the next generation. It’s never too late to embrace an innovative digital education, so PwC staff of all ages who volunteer simply get stuck into digitally upskilling themselves, as they help run the creative sessions, learn about programming and apply their own digital capabilities and hone their engagement, presentation and problem-solving skills.

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