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What clients’ needs may be:

  • Maintain bookkeeping on a regular basis
  • Ensuring the right expertise in the accounting regulatory environment, including the latest updates and developments
  • Reducing the time spent on reporting and meeting deadlines
  • Understanding the full accounting impact on specific accounting principles
  • Enhancing the application of group accounting and reporting policy
  • Minimising audit overruns

We can assist clients with IFRS/ UK GAAP reporting by:

  • Taking care of the bookkeeping and preparing the periodical reports and consolidation package under IFRS/ UK GAAP
  • Setting up chart of accounts under IFRS/ UK GAAP, as well as the accounting methods and policies that are most suitable to each client’s business
  • Maintaining books and records in accordance with the accounting framework
  • Preparing/ Reviewing accounting entries/ year-end entries
  • Converting trial balance to IFRS/ UK GAAP accounting principles
  • Preparing/ Reviewing the group accounting manual to ensure that it complies with a specific GAAP
  • Preparing/ Reviewing forecasts, cash-flow statements etc.
  • Preparing/ Reviewing central bank reporting and any other reporting (e.g. cost accounting, INREV reporting etc.) required by legislation
  • Liaising with auditors (including preparing audit trails)
  • Providing tax accounting services
  • Ensuring global coordination from the Channel Islands

What clients’ needs may be:

  • To prepare annual statutory Financial Statements
  • To be aware of the latest updates and developments in Financial Reporting Standards that have an impact on the notes to the company's Financial Statements
  • To have the balance sheet and profit and loss account in the recognised accounting format to ensure compliance with company law

We can assist clients in drawing up their annual accounts by:

  • Preparing/ Reviewing the balance sheet and profit and loss account in the relevant Financial Statements management or statutory format
  • Preparing/ Reviewing notes to the Financial Statements

Our consolidation offering ranges from enhancing clients’ consolidation processes to fully outsourcing their consolidation.

What clients’ needs may be:

  • Converting from their local GAAP to IFRS/ UK GAAP (and vice versa)
  • Ensuring that the trial balance used for preparing financial statements is in line with the GAAP used (e.g. UK GAAP or IFRS)
  • Ensuring that clients have the right expertise in the accounting regulatory environment, including the latest updates and developments

To ensure an efficient and effective approach and conversion, we can support clients with:

  • Converting the trial balance from a foreign GAAP to UK GAAP or IFRS (or vice versa) by designing/ reviewing the GAAP conversion file
  • Analysing the key differences between a foreign GAAP and UK GAAP
  • Understanding the impact on tax and distributable reserves
  • Designing/ Reviewing a GAAP conversion file

What clients’ needs may be:

  • To keep the team up to speed with the latest updates and developments in accounting law or the accounting framework (UK GAAP, IFRS etc.)
  • To refresh basic knowledge
  • To gain expertise in specific technical topics (foreign exchange, liquidation, mergers etc.)

We can support clients in assessing and improving accounting skills based on their needs:

  • Wide range of accounting training courses on specific topics, for specific industries or on the latest legislative updates
  • Tailored in-house training courses
  • Workshops tailored to exact needs

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