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Values in society are being reassessed, external stakeholders are gaining more influence and government policy and new regulations are emerging. Both business and the public sector need to understand their impacts so that they make the best choices when considering key strategic questions, evaluating investment options and developing partnerships and alliances. We can support this by providing a clear understanding of the short and long-term financial effects of decisions and also the wider economic, fiscal, social and environmental impacts.

We bring together multidisciplinary skills to help public, private and third sector organisations, programmes, and investment portfolios and understand, evaluate and maximise their impact to generate a net positive benefit to society.

We can help you to assess the impacts of your policies, projects and activities; demonstrate your value to key stakeholders; and develop business cases to justify investment in an uncertain macroeconomic climate.

We can help you:

Policy & Strategy

Develop strategies, policies and processes for positive impact, and structure approaches to learning from evidence. Policy and strategy involve creating comprehensive guidelines and actionable plans to both set and achieve specific goals and address challenges.

Impact strategy: Integrate social and environmental considerations into business operations, decision-making processes, and stakeholder engagement.

Theories of change and impact pathways: Outline the expected pathways through which interventions lead to desired outcomes, and build impact pathways to describe the sequential steps or activities involved in implementing those interventions.

Economic Analysis

Assess the socio-economic impacts of projects, policies, programmes, portfolios or organisations, using a range of robust, government-sanctioned techniques. Economic analysis appraises the costs, benefits, and overall economic impacts. Both quantitative and qualitative methods can be combined.

GVA assessments: Measure the contribution of individual organisations, sectors, or industries to the overall economy.

Cost-benefit analysis: Compare the total costs involved with the total benefits expected. This involves quantifying both the costs and benefits, often in monetary terms, and then comparing them to determine whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

Social value: Assess the worth of goods, services, or resources that are not traded in traditional markets, such as environmental preservation, social services, or cultural heritage.

Business case development: Bring together the foundation for evaluating the feasibility, viability, and potential returns of a proposed project to inform decision-making and securing funding or approval.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Design and lead monitoring and evaluation activities that have a clear link to policy actions or programme improvements. This is essential for assessing performance and impact at a project, organisation or even jurisdictional level beyond financial performance.

Contribution analysis: understand the specific contributions of factors or interventions towards achieving a desired outcome. This includes identifying cause-and-effect and comparing actual outcomes to hypothetical scenarios (e.g. counterfactuals etc.)

Process evaluation: Assess the implementation of a programme or intervention to understand its outcomes and ways of improving its effectiveness.

Value-for-Money analysis: Assess the efficiency, effectiveness of an intervention by comparing its costs to its outcomes, to determine whether resources are being used optimally to achieve desired results.

Programme monitoring systems: Tracking progress towards objectives, identifying areas for improvement, and informing decision-making processes throughout the programme lifecycle.

Global Economics Network

PwC Channel Islands is part of the firm’s Global Economic Network, operating in 29 countries, with more than 400 economics and policy analysts. Drawing on this network of diverse expertise, perspectives and deep skills brings the very best of PwC to you.

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