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Diversity and inclusion

Here at PwC CI, we believe that having people from different backgrounds and with different points of view and talents working together really helps us maximise on the uniqueness of each of our people, which in turn creates the highest value for our clients. We therefore place a significant emphasis on being diverse and inclusive as well as promoting a healthy work-life balance. We already have a rich diversity across both island firms and our people, at all levels, have been involved in diversity and inclusion training.

Did you know we’re seeing a tidal wave of organisations across the world injecting greater urgency into their efforts to tackle gender imbalances in the workplace? But with progress so glacial, what has to change for women at work and how can organisations deliver diversity strategies that will drive real progress? Read more in our global report below, to see how we're challenging inequity and empowering opportunity.

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Chris van den Berg

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Steven Le Prevost

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Abigail McDermott

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