Training and development

As a professional services organisation, the key to our success is the high standard of our people. The development of your knowledge, skills, confidence and experience is fundamental.

Globally, PwC invests hundreds of millions of pounds every year in training and development programmes and resources. We are able to tap into these global resources and through our close links with the UK firm, they are made available to everyone within our Channel Islands firm.

Your development journey

We support you and your career at PwC with world class training and development. Your development at PwC never stops. Whether you start out on our graduate, placement or Higher Apprenticeship programme you will receive the same structured training and development opportunities and we try to make you feel at home straightaway. Naturally, we value the skills you bring with you, but there is a lot to learn, so development with us is your constant, personal journey.

During your first three years with us, there is a focus on acquiring the technical knowledge and skills you require through your professional exams and internal training. Our innovative induction programme will ensure you are able to apply your technical knowledge as soon as you have learnt it and our ongoing support for professional exams is unrivalled.

By providing you with a supportive environment, we allow you take some control over the planning of your development by:

  • Giving you opportunities to use your expertise through your on-the-job experiences
  • Giving you regular, timely feedback to enable effective development
  • Providing access to training and development solutions
  • Promoting career counselling and advice
  • Rewarding and recognising your acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience

In return, we expect from you:

  • Clarity on your aspirations and goals
  • Flexibility to do and learn new things
  • Initiative to seek new opportunities
  • Commitment to success
  • Enthusiasm for linking your career plans with business needs

Career development

We ensure that you can see a clear progression path within PwC, as we believe that you have the potential to have a long and satisfying career with us. As there is such a wide variety of opportunities open to you throughout your career at PwC, both locally and within the global network, you will always be having new experiences. The opportunities are wide open for talented and dedicated people.

Your training and development are ongoing and we encourage regular reviews of your progress, objectives and achievements. Often, the best development comes from working in new areas, and through innovative working methods, so we'll always encourage you to take advantage of any opportunities offering new challenges.

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