Real Estate

Your challenges. Our solutions

The real estate industry has been a key driver of the local economy for over decades. For many organisations, real estate and physical infrastructure are major components of operational costs and typically involve significant investments which dominate the balance sheet. This means real estate decisions can often have a very significant and long lasting impact on shareholder value.

Helping you manage today’s key issues

  • Risk
  • Restructuring
  • Raising capital
  • People
  • Market reporting
  • Operations

Our real estate professionals, with vast experience and in depth industry knowledge, will work with you closely to help your organisation manage risk and improve performance. Our integrated approach to problem-solving involves an international network of real estate accounting, assurance, tax and consulting professionals who can quickly mobilise to form highly qualified teams that can respond to your unique business needs. As your trusted business advisor, your organisation will benefit from the fresh perspective that our real estate professional will bring to you.

REITs Advisory

In the last few years, the current low interest rates and the volatile stock markets have turned investors' interest to the Asian real estate market as an alternative source of investment. Real estate investment has become far less country-specific and the geographic diversification from investing across a number of different jurisdictions is increasingly the norm.

In assembling our REITs advisory team, we have recognised the need to combine real estate and investment management skill sets to offer products and service offerings focused on real estate but drawing in investment management skills as necessary. This will include advice on every aspect of the REITs establishment including accounting, tax and regulatory issues, corporate restructuring, audit and advice on initial public offerings, name but a few so that our clients are well-positioned to identify and seize new opportunities that will unfold as the market evolves.


Tax advisory for real estate

Our real estate tax team is a specialised team of professionals who focus on advising our clients on the tax issues associated with their local, regional and international real estate business. We provide the full range of tax services and advise on all of the tax issues that may arise from the life cycle of real estate investment, including acquisition structuring, ongoing tax compliance during the ownership period, and formulating exit strategies.


Corporate Governance & Internal Audit Optimisation

At PwC, our experienced team will combine internal audit experience with a broad knowledge of the different types of real estate properties to help you address various challenges that you may face in the real estate industry.

We can assist you in your review of the overall system of governance which embraces Board and Board Committee composition and practices, strategy and policy setting, performance management, risk management (including Enterprise Risk Management practices) and internal control (including the control environment), assurance and sustainability.

In the present economic environment, there is a greater focus on asset management and property management activities. Our real estate team can assist you in the design and implementation of a management oversight and reporting structure to monitor the effectiveness of the system of controls, its infrastructure, and the identification of process improvements.