Global employee mobility

Apr 17, 2014

Modern mobility – redesigning your mobility experience

Short- and long-term assignees, frequent business travelers, intra-regional, and virtual assignees, all create a need for an intuitive, secure, self-service technology platform that can handle the many aspects of talent mobility with ease and confidence. In addition to changing deployment models and assignment types, we are seeing a number of factors in the market that are shifting the expectation of global mobility technology providers, including significant growth in talent mobility, new and emerging markets and heightened scrutiny from tax authorities  on expatriate compensation, tax treaties and social security agreements.

The PwC global mobility experience. We've been helping multinational organisations manage the complex tax, planning, administrative, and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce for over 30 years. Our global practice includes more than 4,200 dedicated, full-time International Assignments professionals who are located in 188 cities in over 90 countries and territories around the world.

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