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Internship Programme

Join us, be a game changer!

Whether your field is Accounting, Auditing, Finance, IT, Technology, or others, there is always a place for you at PwC Vietnam. We ourselves come from all types of background and working experience, which makes PwC Vietnam a place of unique views and diverse community.

Even at an entry level, we are growing leaders whose living purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Creating a people experience like no other is how PwC Vietnam differentiates ourselves from our competitors.

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, you will need the best opportunities to get your career to the next level. Join us today, be a game changer!


Financial Audit Intern

Assurance deals with so much more than the numbers. Be on the team that understands every aspect of the client's business from the inside out, identifying where auditing can add genuine value and helping build sustainable trust between our clients, institutions and society at large.

You will learn to see beyond the obvious, developing real insights into markets, technology, people and management, as well as finances, collaborating with colleagues and clients to provide informed opinions that truly matter.

If you enjoy getting a big picture, establishing valuable relationships and having access to the internal operations of complex organisations, Assurance might be the right path for you.

Apply for Financial Audit Internship in HCMC Apply for Financial Audit Internship in Hanoi

Tax Intern

From advising on government policies, free trade zones, and legal services to multinational company entry strategies, Tax is far more than just taxes. You’ll have access to a variety of professionals, helping high-profile businesses, entrepreneurs, public and private clients balance competing priorities and resources to create high-performing businesses that set the pace for the industry.

You'll be part of a business that's proactively engaging in the tax policy debate, focusing on leading views and new ideas, learning to be agile and ready to build strong relationships, networks and leadership skills along the way.

If you’re creative, entrepreneurial, and are interested in tackling a broad range of work in an industry where change is the only constant, Tax is the perfect place for you.

Apply for Tax Internship in HCMC

Application Journey:

31 July 2020 -  23 August 2020 

This is your chance to tell us firsthand why you’d like to be a game changer. The application form will include sections on your personal details, and your academic and professional background. We are now accepting applications for our Internship Programme 2021.

5 September 2020 - 6 September 2020

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an offline event at a selected venue to take a computer-based test on Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

9 September 2020 - 16 September 2020

Candidates who pass the ability test will have a group interview assessment at PwC Office, which consists of a group discussion and a Q&A session on given topics about general knowledge of social & economics. The assessment will allow us to understand more about your knowledge on society, critical & analytical thinking, and communication, as well as teamwork skills.

Successful candidates will be invited to the final face-to-face interview on the following days. The interview will allow you to learn about what it is like at PwC, and let us understand more about your characteristics, career aspirations and passion for the industry.

September 2020

Congratulations! If you have reached this stage of your application journey, you will receive an offer email from us, followed by an Offer Signing Ceremony Invitation.  

December 2020

Before you start, you will attend a one-day orientation session and a few days of comprehensive training to get you prepared and make the best of your internship experience.

Hints & Tips

Keeping track of time is very important when applying for the Internship Programme at PwC; therefore, starting your application early will be a major advantage; and remember to always keep a close eye on the deadlines!

PwC has its offices located in the two major and vibrant cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Selecting the working location that is most suitable for you is very important to get a dynamic working experience out of the PwC Internship Programme. 

Note: For candidates living outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, kindly make sure you are available in your preferable working location in September 2020 to participate in the Offline Test & Interviews. In fairness to all candidates, requests for location transfer or changing test & interview day will not be accepted.    

Please use English when filling in your full name.

Your full name has to be exactly the same as shown on your ID card (in English).

             Example: Nguyen Van A √        Nguyễn Văn A x

Always be careful in inputting contact details and make sure you leave no space among the numbers of your ID card number!

Note: Please use only one email address for your CV and application, which we will use to contact you for test and interview invitations.

Always remember to double-check your application before submitting to make sure all required attachments have been included:

  • Your CV (in English)
  • University transcript with GPA (latest) 

If you have a professional certificate or languages certificate, it is highly suggested to put it in your CV. Remember to attach a copy of the certificate along with your CV.   

Note: Applications without required documents may not be considered for the next rounds. 

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