Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1 How can I complete my application online?
  1. Access the Job link by scanning QR code on the poster or go to our internship web page
  2. Click APPLY 
  3. Fill in your information 
  4. Upload your CV, transcript and related documents.
2 Which documents do I need to submit?
  1. CV in English
  2. Transcript with GPA score

Please convert the score to a scale out of 10 (if possible) when inputting the score in the system.

3 Are there any requirements for the transcript?

Combine in ONE PDF file 

Your CV and academic transcripts (classes and grades) from your most recent college, university or educational institution.

Transcripts must be in English/Vietnamese.

If not, you must submit a copy in the original language along with an English translation.

GPA score must be included.

If not, please input the estimated GPA score on your CV.

Unofficial transcripts can be accepted only for initial admissions purposes. However, official transcripts may later be required.

4 Oops, I forgot to attach my transcript to the application – what can I do?  

Alternatively, you may submit your transcript directly to as a complement.

Late submission or lack of the transcript after the deadline will be treated as an unsuccessful application.

5 Can I withdraw my application and then apply for the job again to submit the lacking documents?

No, you cannot. Our system accepts only one attempt. So do not do this if you do not actually mean to withdraw.

6 To increase my chances of acceptance, can I apply for the job multiple times by different emails?

No, multiple applications with different emails will be treated as spam. Please use one email only during the application process

7 Can I apply for multiple positions (Audit, Tax and others) at the same time?

Yes. Please note that:

  • Make sure you are happy to work in any of those positions. Otherwise, please apply for one position only.
  • You can only join interview rounds for one position, which is decided by PwC based on your profile and ability test result.
8 Can I apply to multiple locations (both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi)? No. Please decide on one preferred work location where you are ready to work. 
9 Can I apply to this year’s programs if I am outside Vietnam at the moment?

Yes. Please make sure you are located in Vietnam from 1st December for a full-time internship with PwC. 

(A 21-day quarantine period must be finished before your commencement date.)

10 If I get an offer, may I ask for a transfer to another position later? No. For an internship position, we highly recommend you apply for your most preferred job in the first place.
11 How long will it take to hear back after my application? Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stage within two weeks after the application deadline.
12 What do I need to prepare for the online test and interviews?
  • Laptop/Internet set-up with a good connection. 
  • Locate yourself in a quiet and private space.
  • Make sure BOTH your camera/webcam and microphone are functioning well.
13 What do I need to bring for the online test and interviews?
  • Your national ID Card, passport or student ID Card for check-in purpose.
  • Note-taking: Pen/paper/laptop

Will PwC have a Group Interview this year? Where will the interview take place?

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, a Group Interview may be conducted online by video call (Google Meet) or offline at the PwC Office.
15 How long is the internship duration and when will it start?

3-month-internship duration is between December 2021 and April 2022, 

The start day will be stated clearly on your offer letter. 

Please make sure you are available in Vietnam for a full-time internship at that time.

16 Due to COVID-19, can I work from home as an intern at PwC? Yes. You will be provided with a PwC laptop and proper tools to make your remote work life easy. 
17 Thank you very much. That’s all of my question!

Our pleasure! Let’s apply today! Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any other query. 

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