Companies increasingly rely on information and the connectivity that technology brings to operate effectively. But with associated technology, operational and governance risks, there is a need to be even more agile, responsive and perceptive to business innovations and needs. To assist you in reaping the most value from your technology investments, PwC brings together the skills to deliver improvements in people, processes, and technology.

Issue and challenges

  • Is your IT organizational structure, capability and strategy aligned to your business needs?
  • Are you able to assess which IT services should be provided internally and which should be outsourced to third party service providers?
  • Do you have quality and timely information to give you the business insight and competitive edge over your competitors in today’s information rich world?
  • Are the core activities of your business well supported by your enterprise applications?
  • How severely will your business be impacted today if IT fails completely or if sensitive information is leaked to your competitor or the public?
  • Have your efforts to comply with regulatory matters uncovered operational issues in IT and information security?
  • Do you need to prioritize and measure IT projects?
  • Are your IT projects completed on time and do they deliver the intended benefits?

How we can help

We offer a wide range of technology assurance and consulting services which include:

  • IT governance and management
  • Data analytics and information management
  • Enterprise applications
  • IT risk management
  • Security and controls
  • IT project and portfolio management services

Your benefits

  • An IT strategy and organization that not only creates value for business, but is a source of competitive advantage
  • Meaningful insights from data to facilitate decision making
  • Access to the right data at the right time
  • Sensitive data is protected and all compliance requirements met
  • A portfolio of value creating IT projects that are delivered on time and on target

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