Cybersecurity and Privacy

With the emergence of new technologies, increasing regulation and ongoing organizational change, cybersecurity and privacy have risen to the forefront of every executive’s agenda.

Issue and challenges

Risk and Reputation
  • Increase in sophisticated attacks because the value of data is now recognized
  • Increased risk of organized crime, “hactivism”, and cyber-terrorism
  • Increased media attention, and therefore brand risk, related to cyber attacks
  • Increased attention for security and privacy at Board and Audit Committee levels
  • Growing concern by consumers and regulators related to privacy 
Adoption of new technologies
  • Mobile devices contain troves of sensitive business information and are often not well-controlled
  • Organizations are becoming socially aware and active
  • The boom of Big Data is colliding with increased concerns and awareness over privacy
  • Speed to market in the  Internet of Things realm can have unintended and expensive  security and privacy consequences 
Organizational Change
  • Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise
  • Hyper-connected, borderless technology and business environments are increasing
  • There is a rise in off-shoring models and increased reliance on third-parties to drive cost efficiencies
  • Many organizations experience difficulty finding and retaining highly skilled security and privacy resources
Regulatory Compliance
  • Implemented privacy rules and regulations in the Philippines and increased complexity of global privacy and regulatory mandates
  • Increased need for integrated privacy and security to facilitate compliance with multiple regulatory requirements
  • Regulators are imposing substantial fines and penalties for non-compliance

How we can help

Security and Privacy Strategy
  • Cybersecurity and privacy strategy, maturity assessments and roadmap development
  • Information technology, security, compliance, and privacy risk and maturity assessments
Data Privacy Programs
  • Design, build and implement Privacy  Office capabilities
  • Cross-industry privacy  program development
  • Cross Border and global privacy management
Information & Technology Risk 
  • Cloud computing/social media strategy and risk/security/privacy assessments
  • Mobile computing and BYOD strategy assessments
  • Identity and Access Management risk and control assessments
Regulatory & Policy Compliance Assessment
  • Regulatory compliance readiness assessments such as PCI-DSS, Data Privacy Act, BSP Circular 808
  • Framework-based technology risk assessments: ISO 27001/2, COBIT, NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Technical Security Review
  • Third party security and risk management
  • Technical security and diagnostic reviews
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments 
Security Analytics
  • Centralized cloud-based architecture
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Scalable real-time analytics
  • Threat Intelligence Fusion Center (TIFC)
  • Dedicated Threat Intelligence Research Team
  • PwC Advanced Security Operation Centers (ASOCs)
  • Incident & workflow management

Value delivered and benefits realized

Strategic Approach
  • Insights into the design and effectiveness of your cybersecurity and privacy program 
  • Security and privacy program alignment with business goals, objectives, and priorities
Defensible Security and Privacy Posture
  • Enhanced understanding of cyber threat landscape and ability to prevent, detect, and respond 
  • Improved privacy consideration  to prevent missteps among consumers and regulators
Proactive & Improved Risk Management
  • Strategies and controls for introduction  (and opportunities and threats) of emerging technologies
  • Better insights and control over the handling of data by third party vendors
  • Continuous threat monitoring and information sharing
Greater Confidence
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Stronger assurance for Boards and Audit Committees

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