Sustainability and Climate Change

We can help you understand which areas pose the greatest sustainability, and climate change risks to your business, form strategies to address them and support you through the necessary organizational changes and reporting processes.

Issue and challenges

  • Are you prepared to improve the standard of living for employees, suppliers, distributors and consumers?
  • So what are you doing to address the impact of climate change?
  • Are you adopting green growth approaches that support economic growth while keeping the environment and biodiversity in mind?
  • How are you innovating products and collaborating with your suppliers to ensure more efficient use of resources?
  • Is your business model still relevant in the new global economy?

How we can help

  • Strategic sustainability We will generate, assess or align your sustainability strategy to make the most of your sustainable initiatives.
  • Assurance and reporting We will assist you with non-financial information frameworks, reporting and assurance that will further your efforts to influence stakeholders trust.
  • Climate change and carbon management We will help you anticipate changes in markets and policy, as well as manage climate change risks and respond to opportunities.
  • Governance, risk and compliance We will work with you to set up or realign your structure, policies, or procedures to reduce reputational risk and ensure compliance.
  • Supply chain and operations We will help you understand and address sustainability impacts in the supply chain to improve your performance.

Your benefits

  • Enables identification of cost saving opportunities through energy efficiency of operations and technological innovations.
  • Enables reporting and dialogue around emissions and risks with key stakeholders.
  • Improves your brand reputation and addresses customer awareness of issues related to climate change.
  • To ensure competitive advantage in the marketplace and future-proof your business against new risks such as increased regulation

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