Digital Transformation Solutions

Building a new digital world

We help our clients define what digital means to their business.

With so many digital possibilities, we help organisations and industries reimagine doing business in the new normal. This results in outcome-driven transformation powered by the combination of digital strategy, data, automation, cybersecurity, a digitally upskilled workforce, and other connected areas of expertise. Essentially, we are harnessing the collective power of people, processes and technology.


Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation services

Secondment & Managed Support Services

We support the digital agenda of clients by providing professionals to deliver Digital Transformation solutions such as RPA Developers, Data Architects, Solution Architects, Data Scientists, Organization Change Managers, Project Managers, Business and Process Analysts etc.

Digital Transformation Solutions


  • RPA Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Test Manager, QA, Data Architect, Org Change Mgr
  • Mobile App & Web Development
  • Product Design (UI/UX)

PwC Digital Products

Our digital products bring the power of people and technology to help clients solve today's biggest business challenges. Digital products are technology solutions that are licensed to clients and may be sold with or without associated services.

Digital Transformation Solutions


  • Digital Maker
  • ESG Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Taxes Risk Monitor
  • Business Travel Risk Manager

RPA Services

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services covers the end to end capability to support the client RPA program. We help our clients strategize and design their Automation Center of Excellence (COE), build the RPA infrastructure, perform the Process Suitability and Opportunity Assessment, build the Business Case and Automation Roadmap and Develop, Implement and Support the software bots.

Digital Transformation Solutions


  • Strategy & Design
  • Enterprise Automation Suitability and Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Case and Roadmap
  • Design of Center of Excellence
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • RPA Dev and Implementation
  • Production Support /Managed Support Services (Level 2 Support)

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics services covers the spectrum of Data Management, Field Mapping, Dashboard Design which also includes Fraud Analytics and Control Verification.

Digital Transformation Solutions


  • Data Assessment
  • Data Preparation
  • Business rule and field mapping
  • Dashboard design and Development
  • Data Management - Reports and Dashboard
  • BI Design document
  • Test & Deployment
  • Enablement Workshop
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Control Verification

Digital PMO

We provide a full complement PMO team to project manage our client's complex projects and programs. The service also includes streanlining and digitalizing the PMO processes and tools promoting "one source of truth" to successfully deliver the engagements.

Digital Transformation Solutions


  • Full complement - PM, PMO admin support for project delivery
  • Digital PMO system setup and management

Finance and Accounting (F&A) Managed Services

The F&A Managed Services deliver end-to-end finance and accounting services driven by digital technologies such as intelligent automation. We help set up and manage the systems and processes such as procure to pay, order cash, record to report, bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns preparation.

Finance and Accounting Managed Services

E-invoicing, API Management and Middleware development

E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, is a digital process for creating, sending and receiving invoices. One of the major changes introduced in the TRAIN law was mandatory e-invoicing. Under the law, taxpayers engaged in the export of goods and services, e-commerce, and those considered Large Taxpayers are required to issue electronic invoices/receipts and to report their sales data to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) at the point of sale within five years from the effectivity of the TRAIN law, i.e., on or before 1 January 2023.

E-invoicing, API Management

The use of e-invoicing in the Philippines aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the invoicing process, as well as reduce the risk of fraud and errors. It also helps to streamline the tax filing and payment process, making it easier for businesses to comply with their tax obligations.

Our digital team is capable of helping clients which require setup and development of their E-invoicing platform as well as managing APIs, which also covers development of a middleware.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is the automation of repetitive, manual tasks by mimicking user interactions with desktop applications. This service includes end-to-end implementation of technology from strategy, assessment of processes suitable for automation, business case development and roadmapping, infrastructure setup and software bot development up to providing production support.

Intelligent Automation

Our team primarily uses the UiPath software and Microsoft's Power Automate to build software robots in line with the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Process Re-engineering

Process reengineering is the systematic redesign of business processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. It involves analyzing and redesigning business processes from the ground up, with the aim of eliminating waste, improving quality, and reducing costs.

Process Re-engineering

Our digital team uses process intelligence tools to run in-depth process analysis and help identify bottlenecks to improve operational efficiency.

Digital Training and Upskilling program

Digital training and upskilling program is a structured program that provides employees with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively perform their jobs and adapt to changing technology and business needs. It typically involves a combination of online and offline learning activities, such as virtual instructor-led training, and on-site training delivery.

Digital Training and Upskilling Program

The goal of the program is to help employees develop the technical and professional skills they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of the organization. It may also involve training on new technologies or processes, as well as providing opportunities for employees to learn about industry trends and best practices.

Digital products

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Maker

Digital Maker is an agile, low-code development platform that enables both professional and non-technical developers to build modernised applications simpler and faster, empowering organisations to efficiently resolve issues originating from traditional application development.

Digital Transformation Solutions

ESG Maturity Assessment

ESG Maturity Assessment tool leverages PwC-licensed Qualtrics to provide a self-service readiness assessment to clients. This tool supports clients' ESG upskilling courses or improvements to their ESG-related efforts.

ESG Reporting Tool

ESG Reporting Tool

PwC’s ESG Reporting Tool is a cloud-based, centralised platform built to collect quantitative and qualitative ESG data from a wide range of sources. The tool is designed to raise the quality of reporting, and make it easier and faster so you can focus on your sustainability needs.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Business Travel Risk Manager

An app that enables organizations to fulfill responsibilities around staff duty of care by providing risk identification, mitigation, and communication solutions.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Tax Risk Monitor

An app to avoid unnecessary tax costs, whilst ensuring sound compliance with legislative

Digital Transformation Solutions

Change Navigator

PwC Change Navigator is a digital workbench that lets change teams analyse their organisation's change environment holistically. The tool allows you to identify the impacts, create a best-fit change plan, and track progress against key rollout metrics.

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