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The future of possibilities: Business in the age of disruption

PwC M.A.P. 2018 CEO Survey

The future of possibilities: Business in the age of disruption

Traditionally, businesses used to compete in terms of capital, assets, infrastructure, brand, and market coverage. In recent years, however, successful businesses resulted from ventures with minimal capital, but with one thing in common – they were disruptive.

In line with the theme of the 16th M.A.P. CEO Conference 2018, “From Programs to Platforms: Business in the Age of Disruption,” the PwC M.A.P. 2018 CEO Survey asked the leaders about the disruptions happening in their industries as well as the preparations that they are doing to minimize the negative impact, and harness the positive rewards of such disruptions.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of our business leaders recognize that disruptive innovations have significant impact on their businesses, and that business models need to be changed to address the changing consumer behavior, new kinds of competition, and shifting regulations.

It is interesting to know that 95% of our leaders understand that they need to work together to introduce new technologies or methodologies to their businesses. Investing in startups, forming joint ventures, and entering into commercial agreements are among our leaders’ strategies.

This year, we are also featuring the stories of leaders from traditional businesses and tech startups to share how they are keeping up with the rapidly changing world.

We trust that this report will encourage our leaders to take a step back to examine their business models, and move forward with new and more relevant solutions for their stakeholders.


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