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Data and analytics

Optimise your data assets. Make faster and better decisions. Work more efficiently and save money. Find new sources of revenue. Capitalise on the untapped business intelligence you already own.

Data: your new superpower

Imagine having advanced business analytics that give you the ability to see and predict everything, everywhere. Every interaction with customers. Every moving part in your supply chain. Every financial transaction, anywhere in the world.

Imagine a data architecture that lets you process all that information instantly, to improve customer insights, build products faster, or spot fraud.

Now imagine using predictive analytics that give you the ability to react to events before they happen. To stop customer churn. Prevent accidents. Predict the impact of medical treatments. And imagine if analytics could help you to drive business innovation and open up totally new revenue streams to create products and offers you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

It would be like having a superpower.

The good news is, data is an asset you already own. We’ll help you to analyse your current state, develop a strong data foundation, and then monetise that data and harness the power of the information you hold to optimise business performance and commercialise data opportunities.


  1. Deals analytics
    • From extraction to transformation and analysis, we provide data-driven insights to drive better deal decisions and realise value.
  2. Data analytics workshops
    • We facilitate workshops to upskill your people in data analytics, helping to maximise the company’s resources to make quicker and better decisions.
  3. Spatial analytics
    • Transforming geo-location data into location-based intelligence can help us uncover the ‘where’ factors of opportunities, risks, strengths, and weaknesses. We can map hidden patterns and connections, develop new efficiencies, and raise your company’s productivity and profitability.
  4. Sentiment analysis
    • With sentiment analysis, we can gather actionable insights from unstructured data such as customer reviews, social media posts or tweets, and other text analyses.
  5. Predictive analytics
    • Our capabilities in statistical analysis and machine-learning algorithms help build robust predictive models so you can navigate the future now.
  6. Management dashboard
    • We harness advanced visualisations using data and analytics to create dynamic dashboards that make insights and trends more apparent and clear, minimizing the need to build reports.


  1. Fraud analytics
    • Perform more powerful and advanced suspicious and fraudulent transaction analytics by bringing together multiple processes for cross-functional testing.
  2. Financial process analyzer
    • Monitor risk and controls in real time using 100% of financial transactions comprising of payables, receivables, payroll, employee master and expense claims.
  3. Process and control verification
    • Use process intelligence tools to fully animate the flow of transactions through end-to-end processes to visualise conformance and optimisation areas.
  4. Audit analytics
    • Transform traditional audit testing from small samples to 100% of transactions using dynamic business intelligence solutions with full data discovery.
  5. Data quality assessment and analysis
    • Visualise the completeness, accuracy and integrity of full datasets to quickly uncover data quality issues for remediation on existing systems or as a result of data migration.
  6. D&A capability building
    • Help organizations build their capability to perform big data extraction, transformation, visualization and analyses through workshops or through in-house training.
  7. Data visualization and management reporting
    • Develop leading-edge business intelligence capabilities and solutions to facilitate better management reporting, dashboards and visualization of multiple, disparate datasets.
  8. Risk attribute sampling
    • Identifying anomalies and patterns in transactions to ensure effort is focused on those more non-standard and riskier items in full populations.


  1. Forensic & Investigative Analytics
    • Assessing and mitigating vulnerability to regulatory risks, and responding to crisis events by applying computational processes to discover patterns in large data sets, including methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database system methods.
  2. Digital Forensics & eDiscovery
    • Helping organisations respond to electronic discovery orders, often in connection with litigation and regulatory investigations. Includes preservation and/or collection of digital evidence, managed review and integrated analytics.
  3. Financial Advanced Analytics & Service Technology (FAAST)
    • The FAAST Framework is a collection of reusable and customisable components for rapidly developing web applications for data analytics. It provides differentiated solutions that can be quickly built to suit and deployed.
  4. Financial Risk Analytics
    • Developing and validating mathematical and statistical models to measure, monitor, and address financial risks (mainly credit, market, liquidity, and operational risks). Scoped-in under these model processes is to go through the embedded datasets. We perform descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data analytics. Our services include big data analytics, qualitative and quantitative statistical methods, data visualization, forecasting methods, and machine learning algorithms. This enables us to help entities identify areas of development and amplify strengths, which overall make them more empirically driven in their decision-making.
  5. Compensation Analytics
    • Aiming towards optimising the cost of a workforce to drive business growth, Compensation Analytics uses people data to help organisations, managers and decision-makers create an employer brand that effectively communicates employee value proposition.
  6. Security Analytics
    • Helping organizations understand dynamic cybersecurity and privacy challenges, adapt to and respond to business risks, and protect the assets most critical to their brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

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