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Making data-driven decisions

Building business confidence

Optimise your data assets. Make faster and better decisions. Work more efficiently and save money. Find new sources of revenue.

Capitalise on the untapped business intelligence you already own.

Key issues

No data and analytics capability

  • Is your company looking to dig deeper into their data for new insights?
  • Does your company want to start incorporating data analytics in thier business process, in reporting, or usual processing?
  • Is your company exploring different BI solutions and is needing help in selecting the right vendor?

Data & analytics capability building

Data visualization and management reporting

Data is not ready for processing and reporting

  • Are your information gathered in diverse formats and don't fall into neat relational structures, making them unready for processing?
  • Does your company aim to combine data residing in different sources in order to offer a holistic view of the company's data assets and to allow for a deeper and more actionable insights?
  • Is there a need to improve the efficiency of management reporting, including faster data processing and use of dashboards instead of the standard tables?
  • Did your company recently undergo M&A and is facing challenges in integrating holistic reporting with their recently acquired business?

Data visualization and management reporting

Limited business understanding and visibility

  • Do you need to test the automated controls you have in place?
  • Do you have no reliability on IT controls?
  • Does your management want better visibility and understanding of a specific business area?

Limitations and uncertainty in data

  • Does your data exceed the processing capacity of traditional database systems and standard analytical techniques?
  • Do you have uncertainty in data quality and data accuracy, especially when migrating to a new system?

How we can help

Fraud analytics

With data & analytics, PwC can perform more powerful and advanced suspicious and fraudulent transaction analytics by bringing together multiple processes for cross-functional testing.

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Process and control verification

With data & analytics, organisations can reduce the cost, improve the quality and enhance the efficiency of monitoring their processes end-to-end. The ability to increase the scope up to 100% of transactions allows for increased assurance in making sure that controls are designed, implemented and working effectively.

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Audit analytics

Data enables PwC auditors to make better decisions faster and identify outliers. With data & analytics, there can be a focus on efficiency and quality whilst also providing a new way of seeing businesses, and it enables us to do away with traditional sampling and analyse 100% of your transactions.

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Data quality assessment

PwC’s data quality assessment and analysis equips a business with insights to prioritize applications for remediation. We visualise the completeness, accuracy and integrity of full datasets to quickly uncover data quality issues for remediation on existing systems or as a result of data migration.

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Data & analytics capability building

PwC helps organizations build their own capability. We do this by tying analytics to organizational problems and decision-making, providing you with valuable and actionable insights for improved business performance.

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Data visualization and management reporting

PwC can help you develop leading edge business intelligence capabilities and solutions to facilitate better management reporting, dashboards and visualization of multiple, disparate datasets.

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Risk attribute sampling

With the use of data & analytics, we can identify anomalies and patterns in transactions to ensure effort is focused on more non-standard and riskier items in full populations.

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Transaction Analytics

Design data analytics procedures and tests to analyze and generate insights from different data sources of related financial and operational processes an entity (e.g. P2P, Payroll, Cash).

How do we deliver analytics?

With our expertise and deep knowledge of your business, PwC combines various data analytics tools and techniques to assist you. We are flexible in delivering you insights to boost your business value.
Our solutions can be delivered to you in three ways:


Perform point in time reviews using PwC's prebuilt or tailored tools as part of the review.

Ideal for:

Organisations who desire health-checks or periodic reviews.

On premise

Analytis tools are configured and implemented in the organisation's own IT environment as part of their internal analytics capability.

Ideal for:

Organisations who have the desire to invest in embedding internal data analytics capability and resources as a core skillset.

Host/Managed service

A subscription fee is paid for 24x7 access to PwC's tools under a hosted model. Client data sent to PwC would be refreshed at agreed intervals.

Ideal for:

Organisations who want ongoing access to ecplore their data for new insights, but do not want to invest in the internal cost of ownership to run it.

If you enrolled on a subscription, here is an overview of the delivery process.

Data Analytics Subscription Process (Risk Assurance)

Data analytics insights


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