Customer and Revenue Growth

Today’s customers not only expect more, they have a far-reaching voice and base their buying decisions on numerous sources of information.

Organizations face the challenge of putting their customers first by obtaining a true understanding of their needs and values. We collaborate with our clients to better understand their customers, design and deliver truly exceptional brand-defining customer experiences, and reinvent their operations to put their customer at the very center.

Issue and challenges

  • Who are your most valued customers and what are their needs and aspirations?
  • Is your sales process too long, too complex or not customer-centric?
  • How do you exploit new trends such as mobile and the social-web?
  • Are you getting the right results from the sales team?
  • Are you paying out commissions accurately and effectively across channels and products?
  • How much does it cost to deliver service to your customers?
  • What do you need to do in terms of business process, and customer analytics to improve the financial picture?
  • How are your customers being engaged? Are you effectively using digital channels and new trends, such as mobile phones and social networking?
  • Are you treating customers fairly?
  • What are the changes that need to take place in the organization to meet these demands?

How we can help

  • Define and execute revenue growth strategies
  • Design and deploy cost efficient distribution strategies
  • Optimize business design to drive productivity, quality and growth
  • Optimize customer management
  • Analyze and refine marketing strategies
  • Optimize sales, distribution and servicing channels
  • Design and manage product portfolios
  • Optimize pricing strategies and practices
  • Create an information advantage

Your benefits

Whilst it is important to sell successfully to prospective customers, it is equally important that companies retain existing customers. Customer management focuses on customer lifetime value and offers companies the opportunity to make more revenue per customer through cross selling and improved retention.

  • Improved customers’ trust through better insights into customers’ needs and expectations
  • A highly effective sales organization with efficient practices, better trained staff and organized teams that will bring in higher revenues at lower cost
  • Engagement of customers through new channels to market such as digital and mobile services, in a way that is aligned with existing channels
  • Maintain an effective customer service operation that will provide a quality service at a reasonable cost
  • Better product payouts, leading to better growth opportunities and customer retention
  • Increased profitability and managed life time value of customers

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