Portfolio and Programme Management

Our clients are dealing with unprecedented change driven by factors including the shift in global economic power, generational changes, an ageing population, the digital economy and the emergence of global players disrupting traditional sectors.

Our PPM practice has a passion for helping its clients execute their strategy. We can help you choose the optimal set of projects to support you in realizing benefits.

We want to discuss with you execution and delivery capability to improve the management and delivery of projects, programs and overall portfolios in both traditional and ‘agile’ ways including project risk management and on structured identification, quantification and management of work to support realization of your business benefits and value.

Issue and challenges

Implementing mature processes and frameworks to select the right projects that:

  • are fully aligned to your strategy
  • optimize return on investment, and
  • strike the right balance between running, protecting, and growing your organization

How we can help

We work with our clients to develop appropriate frameworks and processes to manage the ongoing selection and refinement of investments to ensure the link between strategic objectives and portfolio selection is maintained and enhanced.

Portfolio Optimization and Governance

Maximize Value

  • The Portfolio Delivery service provides a single point through which the organisation can deliver the portfolio by making balanced decisions on risk and reward.
  • The Portfolio Optimization service helps to make sure that the client’s portfolio is aligned to the business strategy.
  • The Change Capability Assessment service provides an organization with the ability to achieve the changes necessary to deliver its strategy.

Project, Program and Portfolio Execution


The Portfolio Delivery service brings together into a single point information to support balanced and informed risk and reward decision making.

  • The Portfolio Mobilization service provides targeted recommendations on improving portfolio operations, which includes Project Management Office (PMO) set-up (development of PMO frameworks, policies and procedures, team selection and training or upskilling of staff) and PMO execution (actual management and monitoring of programs and projects).
  • The Program Maturity Assessment service provides recommendations as to how the organization can improve its program management.
  • The Program Technology Enablement service builds understanding around what is the right technology to aid efficiency, control and insight made during transformation.
  • Agile Transformation enables the flexibility that recognizes the importance of speed and diversity in the way we work. Increasingly, organizations are breaking the mold of applying a single, “one size fits all” approach to projects.
  • Program Assurance service helps navigate the risks of transformation programs to enable the execution of their strategies and realization of the intended benefits.

Your benefits

Operate and Realize

We help our clients to identify and quantify benefits up front and to ensure that these are realistic and form the foundation of business cases. We also help our clients to track and monitor the realization of benefits and to embed their ongoing realization beyond the lifespan of the project.

Realize Value

The Benefits Management service ensures that an understanding of available benefits forms the basis of all investment decisions and continues to be the focus to maximize realization of benefits during and post implementation

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