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10 impactful thought leadership pieces

100 days to 100 years

Three accounting frameworks for the big, medium and small

81 days  to 100 years

For 2019, we developed the book “Similarities and differences of accounting frameworks in the Philippines” to shed light on locally existing accounting frameworks that companies need to apply: Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS), PFRS for Small and Medium-sized Entities (PFRS for SMEs), and PFRS for Small Entities (PFRS for SEs).

This book outlines the similarities and differences between these three frameworks and provides additional insights on how different requirements may be applied. It is also a comprehensive guide in identifying accounting options for existing and upcoming business transactions, as well as in planning for future business ventures.

The publication, which includes PwC insights on interpreting and applying the standards, impact on certain businesses and industries, and common accounting practices in the Philippines, was well-received within the accounting community.


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Doing “Business Unusual”

82 days  to 100 years

The rising numbers of COVID-19 infections and further government restrictions posed threats and fears.

Our response is to go full throttle through “Business Unusual”.

Every Monday since April 2020, the collective minds at PwC Philippines release "Business Unusual" — an e-newsletter for clients and stakeholders, in response to this big shift. We began to carefully curate contents with information and ideas on how to gradually adjust to, and operate under, Business Unusual (BU).

In PwC, we find the best version of ourselves, even in the most difficult of times. Thus, “Business Unusual”.


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Finding “Needles in a Haystack”

83 days  to 100 years

We wanted a column that would resonate with our clients and business section readers — help them with their pain points, introduce trends, and explain issues and concepts. This is an exercise of finding solutions to complex problems, much like looking for “needles in a haystack”.

The column debuted in the Manila Times on 26 February 2016, with then Vice Chairman and Assurance Managing Partner (now Chairman and Senior Partner) Roderick Danao as author. Once a week, Assurance, Deals and Consulting partners and directors took turns as authors of the column that ran until mid-2019.

The spirit of the column remains alive, as we continue our quest for sustained outcomes for our clients and broader stakeholders.

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Wise words on tax, and more

84 days  to 100 years

The late 1980s saw the advent of “Taxwise or Otherwise,” our weekly column in BusinessWorld newspaper.

Writers from our pool of tax consultants share the developments in tax and business law in the Philippines, taxwise. Otherwise, our business advisors give their insights on trends and issues.

This 33-year-old column lends a voice on how these changes can affect the business community and policy development.

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Forensics work and insights by PwC Philippines

85 days  to 100 years

While many economic crimes come from outside attacks, much of it still happens from inside the organization.

We learned that the best-laid controls can be overridden by the lure of financial gain and there’s no fear of being caught.

Led by our Consulting team, we published three editions of the Global Economic Crime Survey - Philippine Report (2016, 2018 and 2020). The study provides an in-depth look on fraud and economic crime in the private sector.

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Getting the pulse of Philippine CEOs with MAP

86 days  to 100 years

Knowing the climate of business locally — and globally — is a crucial insight that business leaders should have. As the Knowledge Partner for the Management Association of the Philippines’ (MAP) International CEO Conference, we have been conducting the MAP CEO Survey since 2015.

This annual study highlights the trends in the CEOs’ outlook and analyzes the effectivity of their business decisions. In 2021, we assessed the confidence of business leaders in their ability to recover after the unprecedented disruptions because of the pandemic.

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Helping family businesses thrive through NextGens

87 days  to 100 years

We in PwC believe that NextGen leaders hold the key to the future of businesses.

As the Knowledge Partner of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), we mounted the PwC Cebu 2017 CEO Survey for the first time. Many of the country’s top conglomerates have roots in Cebu, but pretty much a family corporation when they started.

Earlier, we focused the spotlight on young businessmen who converted their enterprises into major industry players or listed companies. This was captured in the Philippine CEO Survey that we did as Knowledge Partner of the Management Association of the Philippines’ (MAP) annual International CEO Conference.

We’ve been doing the biannual PwC Global Family Business Survey since 2008 that brought to light intimate yet prevalent family business issues. Today, we place our bets on these young leaders with our PwC’s NextGen Club in the Philippines.

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PH ecosystem startup: Starting the benchmark

88 days  to 100 years

Be laser-focused, but be ready to pivot. Dream big – with small funds. Be comfortable with the unknown. And be very passionate, but do not fall in love. These are the rules of engagement in the battleground of a fast-growing sector in our economy called startups. (“Phl startups: pain points, pivot, profit” by Alex Cabrera under “As Easy as ABC” column, 22 October 2017)

We were the first in setting the benchmark for the country’s startup ecosystem in 2017 with the Philippine Startup Survey, carried out in collaboration with QBO Philippines (the country’s first public-private initiative for startups) and IdeaSpace Foundation (a local NGO supporting early-stage technology entrepreneurship).

We mounted another one in 2020, with the Management Association of the Philippines also joining QBO and IdeaSpace. Barely three months after that, we released another edition to reflect the impact of COVID-19 specifically on tech startups.

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Advancing corporate governance in the Philippines

89 days  to 100 years

To attract public investments, a listed company must build trust, and not waver.

This is the essence of the Code of Corporate Governance.

In collaboration with the Good Governance Advocates and Practitioners of the Philippines (GGAPP), PwC Philippines stood as the Knowledge Partner for the Corporate Governance survey for three consecutive years. The study series assessed the state of readiness for, and compliance of the Philippines’ publicly listed companies with, the Code.



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"Delivering Trust and Quality"

90 days  to 100 years

“Delivering Trust and Quality” offers intimate perspectives on diligence and hard work, consistency and balance, facts of fraud, corporate workouts, effective governance and volunteerism.

This 136-page book published in 2005 amalgamates the insights of the firm’s partners on how they work on a daily basis as they shape the firm’s future.


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