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Providing visibility amidst uncertainty, in our deal and decision making.

About us

At Deals Strategy, we focus on collaborating with clients to advance their growth agenda. 

We possess deep industry specialisation and a unique blend of finance, research and strategy skills. Our clients count on us to add forward-thinking insight, and usable solutions, for their complex investment decisions.

Our PwC Deals Strategy practice combines industry-specific market insights with rigorous financial analysis to advise clients on both organic and inorganic growth. Working with our global subject matter experts when necessary, we bring to you our strong understanding of the local and regional landscape in the effort to make today's decisions drive tomorrow's value.


You can expect a bespoke service that addresses your requirements with the advantage of practical industry-specific knowledge from us by your side, at every step of the way.

Our solutions

Commercial due diligence

In an M&A process, commercial due diligence (CDD) assesses the competitiveness of the target firm and evaluates the sustainability of its business plan going forward. 

The process analyzes the firm’s market, its competitive position, and the risks and opportunities available to it vis-a-vis its competitors. 

We conduct research, interviews with market players, data analysis, and other procedures to cross-check industry information against our own findings.

We study customers, suppliers, competitors, and factors that drive the microeconomics of the industry. 

Clients use our work to assess the general industry risks and opportunities, and the specific risks and opportunities at the target company level. From our work, they can also assess their valuation expectations and how well the target company fits their portfolio.

Feasibility study

Clients know the importance of feasibility studies as they substantiate their expansion plans. They come to PwC for help on new ventures and expansion because of our strategic depth and local knowledge.

We develop these feasibility studies based on extensive consultations with our clients and filter the analysis and findings through our own point of view, based on research, interviews, data analytics, hypothesis testing, and other tools.

PwC has covered a wide spectrum of industries and gained a deep understanding of these, that we have applied in our studies for clients.

Market entry strategy

Clients engage us to assist them with understanding markets where they would like to enter with new products or services.

We evaluate the industry conditions like competition, demand drivers, supply drivers, price drivers, and existing products in the client’s target category; and compare those against the client’s value proposition for its new product, to get a better understanding of the key success factors for market entry.

Also, we spend a lot of time doing detailed market size analyses, covering potential market, market segmentation, and specific addressable markets depending on client requirements.

From our analysis, we can assess the market entry modality that provides the client with the best chance for succes.

Industry due diligence and Corporate strategy

Clients come to us to get a deeper understanding on how current industry developments impact their strategies and plans.

Through our industry due diligence, we collaborate with our clients on how they can pivot their corporate strategy so that they can compete more effectively in their chosen markets. 

Clients have executed major strategic moves based on our work and insights.

Value Creation in Deals

The most successful dealmakers realise that the M&A landscape is changing. With technology disruption and industry divergence, it’s no longer just the size of the merger or acquisition that defines its success. It’s also about how you deliver maximum value even after the deal has been signed. 

We don’t just look at the strategy of your merger, acquisition and divestiture activity, or just the execution. Our Deal Value Architects ensure no value is left on the table by bringing together our capabilities across the M&A lifecycle.

Bespoke solutions

The versatility of our practice can be carried over to areas even outside of M&A situations. Our deep industry knowledge and diverse set of skills allows us the opportunity to service our clients on what is most relevant to their needs at the moment.

  • Strategic planning exercises
  • Position papers
  • Strategy/ business plan reviews
  • Other bespoke services

Four key areas that clients value about our work

PwC provides our independent, actionable insights to help you navigate issues on a going forward basis.

We collaborate with clients to think through our insights for clients, to their logical conclusion and implications. Clients find this forward thinking discipline a key differentiator for them.

PwC focuses on bringing forward pragmatic solutions that emphasize implementation linked to strategy, grounded in reality.

Our work stresses solutions that clients can use, with what resources and tools they have. We strive for implementable solutions where clients can see and measure the impact.

PwC helps you realize strategic goals, capture value, and deliver growth.

Relevance remains important to the successful implementation of solutions. We take into account the client’s issues in the here and now and overlay those considerations on the future state of where they’d like to be. Analysis and findings without the proper relevance lose their effectiveness when transformed into solutions.

PwC provides deep local knowledge.

We are a global firm, and yet the majority of our clients at Isla Lipana & Co. operate within the Philippines and require localized solutions to resolve their issues. The majority of our projects will have local subject matter experts working with our clients to bring that critical local knowledge and perspective to analyzing the issues and formulating solutions for our clients. When necessary, we work with our subject matter experts in other territories to bring their knowledge to bear on behalf of our clients.

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