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10 iconic projects

100 days to 100 years

100 days to 100 years

10 iconic projects

Over the last decade or so, PwC Philippines embarked on iconic projects that delivered sustained outcomes for communities and society.


We present ten of these inspiring projects for the country -- specifically for LGUs, the youth, social entrepreneurs, teachers, government and business.


Creating the Future: Better, Stronger, Together

51 days  to 100 years

The tremendous amount of PwC network collaboration and team enthusiasm that go into every APEC CEO Summit are unparalleled, year after year.

Watch this short video and relive with us our experience as Knowledge Partner when the Philippines hosted the APEC meetings in 2015.


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The papal visit: Accounting for benevolence

52 days  to 100 years

Pope Francis made a pastoral and state visit to the Philippines, Asia’s biggest Catholic nation, from 15 to 19 January 2015.

There was a price tag to securing the Pope's safety. There were also generous donations received from the public. So the Philippine Church wanted a high level of governance and accounting over donated funds.

Thus the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila tapped PwC Philippines to audit the donations and disbursements in relation to the visit.

See how the story unfolds in our short-form video.


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Reimagining the possible for the Philippines

53 days  to 100 years

Weaving culture and economic potential for sustainable development — our way of reimagining the untold possibilities for major cities across the Philippine islands.

Our people observed, analyzed, wrote and published handy investment guides in the hopes of making a difference for key VisMin cities.

The DOT had the good sense of adopting our books as they promote both tourism destinations and investment hotspots in those cities. This paved the way for a bigger knowledge partnership with DOT.

Visit Reimagining VisMin

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Philippine Resiliency: A Gem Uncovered

54 days  to 100 years

The bamboo will bend but will not break, much like the Filipino.

The Asian financial crisis in 1997, and the global financial crisis of 2008 slowed down the Philippine economy, but the Philippines quickly bounced back and resumed growth.

In 2009, we published “Philippine Resiliency: A Gem Uncovered”. We gathered the CEOs’ thoughts and insights on how they decide, so that entrepreneurs and ordinary Filipinos alike could draw valuable lessons and inspiration from enlightened business decisions during the nation’s trying — yet ultimately — passing times.

Visit Philippine Resiliency: A Gem Uncovered

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Step up to stand out

55 days  to 100 years

Before diving into the realities of the corporate world, we help students prepare for that reality.

“You: Version 2.0” helps graduating accountancy students build their character, gain confidence and showcase their strengths as they step into the real world.


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Generating the dealmakers of the future

56 days  to 100 years

What you cannot do alone, you can achieve with others.
Over time, we’ve seen the rising number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) worldwide. In the Philippines, it’s no exception, even during the time of the pandemic.

With the M&A Challenge, we aim to help generate more M&A professionals in our country and thus enhance deal-making abilities to contribute to the Philippine economy.

Our M&A Challenge, held annually since 2016, gives college students nationwide an experience, a realistic simulation – the next best thing to an actual M&A engagement.

The demand for deals and restructuring services has been stronger than ever as companies build for a brighter and sustainable future. Beyond the pandemic is a better world powered by partnerships.

Visit our M&A Challenge


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Honoring the heart of accounting education

57 days  to 100 years

It’s high time we pay tribute to those who have sacrificed much to heed their painstaking calling — to be teachers of future CPAs.

In 2019, In cooperation with the National Association of CPAs in Education (nACPAE), we launched PwC’s National Accounting Teacher Award (PwC’s NATA) to recognize the heart of the accounting educational system.

Watch the video on who and how the winners and finalists were selected.


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Images that tell valuable stories

58 days  to 100 years

Everyone connects with images, especially the young. We owe the children of our nation the right foundation based on values and real human stories.

In 2017, we launched our first Values Photo-story Contest. We asked the students themselves to capture candid images of people, and collect their stories that portray Filipino values.

Visit Our Values Photo-Story

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Serving society while scaling up

59 days  to 100 years

A Developmental Social Enterprise (DSE) is an organization with a culture centered on human values. It exists to create societal impact alongside an ethical and viable business model.

From 2015 to 2017, with BCY Foundation, we recognized the winning Filipino enterprises committed to social objectives through its business activities.

Supporting social enterprises through our skills, experience and mentoring is our way of stimulating sustainable economic growth.
This is our fulfillment of PwC’s purpose – to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Visit Developmental Social Enterprise Awards

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Rediscovering our country’s natural assets

60 days  to 100 years

Tourism is a great driver of growth. Where tourists go, investments will follow, and so will economic opportunities.

The Philippines is gifted with natural assets way beyond known destinations. Thus we launched the Philippine Gems in 2013 — a focus on less known yet impressive and promising tourist attractions.

Watch the video to learn more about the journey in selecting the top ten of the country’s pristine and natural sites that possess uncharted brilliance.

Explore our Philippine Gems

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