Uphold our values. Know our stories. Tell our future.

From the fervor of our wishes to the faults of our deeds, capture our values through photographs that move and endear. Tell us your story.

We have captured our Filipino values in photos and have told the stories behind them

In February 2017, our firm launched a photo-story contest asking students to capture images which reflect Filipino values and to write the story behind the photos they have taken. Through the photo-story contest, we can help raise the awareness of the Filipino youth of our values that are changing amidst all that is going on around us.

We recognize that the very same values that may cause of our country’s ills today and can just as well solve our nation’s problems. We would like to know what is important to our youth and what they perceive to be the Filipino values of their generation.
In these pages are some of the photo stories we’ve received and will be recognizing to receive special awards.

This contest has been extended until December 2017. Send in your photo stories now!

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