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Our Values Photo-Story

Uphold our values. Know our stories. Tell our future.

We have captured our Filipino values in photos and have told the stories behind them

In February 2017, our firm launched a photo-story contest asking students to capture images reflecting Filipino values and to write the story behind the photos they have taken.

Through the photo-story contest, we can help raise Filipino youth awareness of our values which are changing amidst all that is going on around us.

We recognize that our values, in part, may be the cause of our problems today and can just as well be critical to the solutions we seek as a nation.

We would like to discover what our youth deems important and what they see and think our Filipino values are.


Featured photo-stories


Stressed over homework? Remember young kuya who at his age works hard for his six siblings

Read the story


If she treated you like her son, then take care of her as though she were your real mother

Read the story


Don’t hesitate to coach young children to do social work

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Cleft lip

Appreciate your classmate, even if he is different. His mother loves him, as yours loves you

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It doesn’t take much to make our elders happy: a simple cake they can share…and just be there

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The Filipino extended family fills the gap and eases the pain

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Sleep early and rise early to be productive

Read the story


She may be too young to fast, but not too young to pray

Read the story


You are never too young to solve your own problems

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A son looks up to his father, not only for his profession, but also because of his example

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Friends are better than gadgets or toys

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Some people pushed a truckload to help you study, at least do your part

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Our Values Photo-Story Teaching Guide 

This guide contains sample lessons to aid educators using the photo stories for free. The guide was shared during the DepEDand UNDP Last Mile Schools Conference in 2020.



Our Values Photo-Story Contest (pandemic edition) 

This contest is open to all Filipino students. Submit a photo with a story that highlights our values during the time of the COVID-19  pandemic.

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