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Stressed over homework? Remember young kuya who at his age works hard for his six siblings

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Child labor is a serious issue. For some children, they labor at a young age because they have to be the breadwinners for their younger siblings.

“How old are you? And why are you working at an early age?”

“I have six siblings. My only source of income is to sell this. I don’t care about my age, since I am the oldest. It is not about me but also my family, my dreams, and their future.”

“Here, maybe this can help.“ I handed him some money.

“No, I cannot accept that, I’m not a beggar, just buy one instead.”

My heart jumped: I bought one of his plastic buckets.

By John Carlo San Agustin, Senior High School, Business and Management (ABM), Columban College Barretto Inc., Olongapo City

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