Tax reviews

Our tax compliance professionals assess your compliance with our ‘tax health check’, which covers all tax aspects: corporate, personal income, value added tax, specific business tax, stamp duty, land tax, customs and excise tax, and petroleum income tax. Our approach is a high-level, issues-driven desktop review that focusses on your key risk areas to identify solutions and opportunities.



PwC has an experienced team of tax experts ready to review your tax position with regard to compliance with Latvian tax law in order to check the ‘tax health’.

We have a credentialed team, extensive experience with tax and accounting outsourcing, tax/regulatory planning, and long experience in solving complex issues.



Perform health check/tax review, which will enable you to:

  • Meet your compliance obligations
  • Reduce the effective tax rate by mitigating any tax inefficiencies
  • Improve the company's tax "health" by reducing the risk of imposition of additional taxes and penalties in the course of a future tax audit
  • Minimize the tax burden through identification of material tax risk
  • Identify tax saving opportunities which may decrease your effective tax rate
  • Improve business and operating efficiency


Assist in implementing of action plan based on the result of tax review.


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