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Helping you navigate regulatory complexity and strengthen trust and transparency

While many of the rules of business have changed, the fundamentals haven’t. Meeting investor expectations begins with the completeness, accuracy and fair presentation of information in your financial statements and disclosures.

The audit is key to sustaining confidence in both your company and the financial system at large. It must keep pace with a fast-evolving corporate reporting environment – one characterised by investor scepticism and the 24/7 scrutiny of corporate information, including non-financial information.

In addition to the audit of financial statements, our risk assurance practice helps management make well-informed decisions. The insight and independent assurance we bring provides an invaluable safeguard in today’s complex operating environment. We work with you in your boardrooms and back offices, helping you protect and strengthen every aspect of your business, from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience.


In the course of the audit we review the company’s accounting systems and procedures for the company's accounting and internal controls. We report our findings and recommendations for improvements to the management. We also report to the client any management, business or operational issues which have come to our attention and provide our recommendations to assist the company.

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Financial statement audit

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with Latvian statutory requirements

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Risk Assurance

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards

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IFRS reporting

Audit of Group Reporting Packages

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Regulatory compliance

Quarterly and half-year reviews of financial statements

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Capital markets advisory

Agreed-upon procedures

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Corporate reporting

Practical assistance in preparation of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of Latvian legislation or International Financial Reporting Standards

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Accounting advisory services

Advice and practical assistance on specific accounting and financial reporting issues such as consolidation procedures, format of the financial statements, accounting for financial instruments and others

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Actuarial services

Outsourcing – performance of certain functions of the client company with one of the following objectives:

  • to assist in the implementation of a specific function in the company
  • to improve and develop the existing function by transferring our knowledge and experience to the employees of the company
  • to perform a specific function on a temporary basis until it is taken over by the employees of the company
  • to perform a short term function allowing the company to avoid recruitment of its own specialists on a temporary basis and save associated costs

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Enhancing the audit through innovation

Innovation is imperative to managing the complexities of a business and being successful in any given environment. At PwC we’re investing in leading-edge technology, significant process improvements, and leadership and performance development for our people.

We’re ushering in an enhanced way of auditing that’s delivering high quality and unique insights to our clients.


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Halo is PwC’s leading-edge technology for data extraction, auditing and visualisation. It is transforming the way we audit and unlocking a wealth of information, providing deeper real-time insight from data and allowing us more visibility into your business.

Large volumes of transactions can be interrogated and analysed. This helps us more efficiently and effectively assess risk and focus on items of significance to the audit.


Connect is our collaborative workflow tool, providing faster, more efficient and secure information sharing at each stage of the audit. It streamlines and monitors the document exchange process on a real-time basis. It allows both you and us to check progress anytime, anywhere.

Access wherever you are, for improved visibility into real-time request statuses, built-in tracking to help drive accountability, and much more.


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Aura, our global audit platform, is used by our nearly 100,000 auditors worldwide on every PwC audit. It helps to make sure that things are done the right way - consistently and efficiently, globally and locally. The intended result is all of the elements of our audit fit together seamlessly - no duplications, no omissions.


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