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We are strong both globally and nationally. We are dedicated to our clients and capable to solve tax issues of any size and magnitude anywhere. Our team is part of 18,000 skilled and experienced tax professionals worldwide.

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PwC is the leading provider of tax services worldwide both in terms of the size and scope of our tax practice and our reputation. Clients engage us because we combine a strong understanding of their business and economic environments with specialist tax knowledge in hundreds of national and local jurisdictions across the globe. As tax codes become increasingly complex and tax planning more controversial, we help companies to:

  • identify and reduce tax risks,
  • understand and meet their compliance obligations,
  • implement tax strategies that complement their business and operational objectives,
  • resolve disagreements with tax authorities when they arise, and
  • manage tax accounting and reporting issues and design of best in class tax functions

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Latest news

Flow-through dividends: practical questions

A Latvian company in a vertically structured group often receives dividends from subsidiaries and pays them on to its owners. Such flow-through dividends qualify for a special relief under the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Act: if certain conditions are met, those dividends are taxed only once even if tax has been paid abroad. In practice various situations may arise, for instance, a dividend is received and paid in different periods, the profit may not have been taxed in the payer’s country, the Latvian company receives the dividend net, i.e. after tax has been withheld in the payer’s country. This article explores relevant examples.

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Fewer group companies excluded from AML/CTPF Act

Companies often provide various intragroup services for optimisation purposes. Whether such companies are governed by the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism and Proliferation Financing Act (the “Act”) is a question that has always come under a great deal of scrutiny. Effective from 12 July 2021, section 3 of the Act contains subsection 6, which prescribes exclusions and answers questions that group companies tend to ask when assessing whether they are governed by the Act. This article explores how intragroup services qualify for statutory exclusions.

OECD releases second report on improving tax dispute resolution in Latvia

In July 2021 the OECD released Latvia’s Stage 2 Peer Review Report findings obtained in peer-reviewing its progress with implementing the Minimum Standard of BEPS  Action 14 for improving tax dispute resolution mechanisms. Stage 2 aims to monitor the implementation of recommendations arising from Latvia’s Stage 1 Peer Review Report. Overall the Stage 2 report finds that Latvia has eliminated most of the flaws found in the Stage 1 report.

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