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We are strong both globally and nationally. We are dedicated to our clients and capable to solve tax issues of any size and magnitude anywhere. Our team is part of 18,000 skilled and experienced tax professionals worldwide.

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PwC is the leading provider of tax services worldwide both in terms of the size and scope of our tax practice and our reputation. Clients engage us because we combine a strong understanding of their business and economic environments with specialist tax knowledge in hundreds of national and local jurisdictions across the globe. As tax codes become increasingly complex and tax planning more controversial, we help companies to:

  • identify and reduce tax risks,
  • understand and meet their compliance obligations,
  • implement tax strategies that complement their business and operational objectives,
  • resolve disagreements with tax authorities when they arise, and
  • manage tax accounting and reporting issues and design of best in class tax functions

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Latest news

Do all companies need sanctions procedures? 

As Russia continues the war in Ukraine, the US and the European Union (EU) together with other countries keep increasing the size of sanctions imposed on Russia.

As the size of the sanctions grows, confused companies are having more and more questions about how to cope with the increasing sanctions burden, whether a company is supervised by particular regulatory bodies, and whether the current sanctions rules and guidelines provide for setting up an internal control system to manage sanctions risk.

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How hybrid working affects productivity

Productivity has always been high on the agenda in organisations. Remote and hybrid working during the pandemic has brought some new advantages as well as complex challenges. When trying to put our processes back on track, we often focus on the process itself and how to streamline it, yet people play a big role in the productivity puzzle.


VAT on event organiser activities

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted in Latvia and across Europe, companies are returning to their normal working arrangements, including staff education and team building events. Event organisers, too, are resuming their business activities. The VAT treatment is clear as long as the customer is a Latvian company and the event is held in Latvia. But what happens if the event is held or the customer established in another EU member state? This article explores key aspects of event organiser services.

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