Managing risk and regulation

Rethink risk, regulation and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance.

Improving risk and regulatory strategies

In a volatile and uncertain world, it’s clear that the business risk and regulatory issues landscape is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed at which risk events occur and the extent to which they spread and influence regulatory change. Risks that once seemed remote and improbable have also become the norm. Business leaders everywhere are preparing to ‘expect the unexpected’. Organisations are looking to cultivate a new trait: resilience. They are adopting a proactive approach in order to rethink how to prepare for these changes and to be able to respond to new laws and increasing regulations, and meet the expectations and build trust amongst their stakeholders. A data-enabled risk assessment, combined with an integrated perspective on risk strategies, regulatory challenges and compliance is key for building resilience and delivering sustainable value for tomorrow. PwC brings together experience across risk management, regulation, tax, controls, compliance and more to help you navigate one - or all - of the phases you’ll encounter throughout the risk lifecycle.


Learn more about risk and regulatory risks by industry

Public Sector

PwC works with a variety of public sector clients, including government agencies and municipalities, state-owned corporations, public education, healthcare, and security agencies. Governments around the world face many complex issues and are constantly challenged to deliver public services in the most efficient way. We combine our domestic and global expertise to solve complex business issues and deliver innovative solutions. We work together with our clients, looking for practical, workable and innovative solutions that make a difference in solving the pressing challenges that are being faced every day across a range of areas in the public domain, including education, defense and security, digital government, international development, local government and public finance.


Financial Services

PwC provides services to many companies and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and private clients. The financial sector plays an important role in the functioning of the economy and covers a wide range of industries, including banking, investment, insurance and real estate. PwC partners with financial institutions to help protect the financial system from financial crime. With our industry knowledge, technological expertise and operational experience, we help our clients build trust in society by partnering with them to fulfil their regulatory obligations.


Health Industries

PwC works with companies that provide medical and healthcare services. PwC is committed to helping support the improvement of health and well-being around the world and are determined that our efforts have a positive impact on society. PwC helps clients across the healthcare field – from payers to providers, policy makers, investors and new entrants – keep pace with an industry that is rapidly transforming.


Energy, Utilities & Resources

PwC also provides services to companies in the energy sector. To thrive in this volatile environment and meet the evolving expectations of consumers, investors and regulators, you need to lead the way – setting the course to a future that will look very different from today. That means reinventing business models, redefining markets, incorporating sustainable technologies and delivering new products and services in new ways – while also maintaining trust in the reliability of the current energy system. PwC’s global community of solvers understands the unique challenges of the industry. We are ready to help you manage the challenges of energy transition and capture the new opportunities that change brings.


Technology & IT

PwC works with companies in the technology sector, which has largely thrived in the past few years and as artificial intelligence and the internet of things move from concept to reality, technology companies in every segment - semiconductors, software, hardware, internet services - face difficult challenges and exciting opportunities. From strategy development to digital transformation and business growth, PwC can help technology companies determine the right course of action, assisting you to manage key priorities that require concrete steps to reposition now, while also recalibrating for the future—whether it's creating new revenue streams or developing new business models.



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