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“Economic growth and social progress should go hand in hand. We’re making changes that start with us and we’re helping develop our economy to benefit society. We’re solving social, environmental and economic problems by living our values and culture, making crucial decisions, acting responsibly and transparently, applying best practices in our company, and creating a prosperous and responsible environment for employees, businesses, and society.”

Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, Country Managing Partner, PwC Latvia

We align our skills and knowledge with our customers’ desires and needs to create lasting value, to help our customers navigate many complex systems, and to build a responsible business environment. We help those systems function and we help our customers work efficiently within them. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of our national economy by helping businesses develop successfully, and to improve the quality and efficiency of government processes aimed at benefiting the general public and each of us.

PwC helps solve problems by holding corporate responsibility events and doing business in a sustainable and inclusive manner – we provide quality services, employ a diversity of talent, engage in significant social processes, and have a positive impact on the environment. We share our knowledge, skills, experience and talent, focusing on sustainable ESG development.


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Support projects we do


At PwC we work to minimise the consumption of resources, to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy, and to take care of the environment and our living space today as well as thinking about the future and next generations. These initiatives are an important part of our Net Zero commitment and help us carry out our long-term Net Zero policy.

Planting trees

In collaboration with "Latvijas Valsts Meži" AS we have planted over 3,6 hectares with pine seedlings in the vicinity of Zvirgzde White dune.

The Big Cleanup ("Lielā talka")

We take care of the environment and a pleasant living space. Each year PwC people go and clean up a designated area. Past years have seen us clean up the banks of Ulubele Animal ShelterMarupite, Children’s Clinical University Hospital etc.

Earth Hour

We support Earth Hour, a movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and switch off PwC’s signboard lighting at our office building, as well as minimising the consumption of electricity at our offices and homes each year.


We find it important to follow social responsibility principles. When contributing to society, we focus on using our knowledge and skills to make a considerable difference and to improve public well-being. Our long-standing collaborative support includes helping various social groups by taking care of their health, education and inclusion in the labour market. By supporting generations at all stages, PwC is responsible for society as a whole, and we are happy with our contribution that helps build a better and more knowledgeable society.

The State Blood Donor centre

Thanks to the willingness of our employees to donate blood we organise a donors day at our office in collaboration with the National Centre for Blood Donors. Other tenants in our office block as well as PwC employees and their family members take part in this initiative.

Ulubele Animal Shelter

Several times a year we visit Riga City’s Ulubele Animal Shelter at Lici to take the animals for a walk and replenish food supplies and other daily necessities for the shelter.

Charity projects

Around Christmas we take part in charity foundation “Palīdzē” in the organized campaign “Sasildīsim sirsniņas” that brings joy to large families and low-income families with a variety of activities. It is not only PwC that financially supports this project. Our employees make their own purchases of individually chosen and beautifully created greetings for families and children. Encouraged by PwC staff, representatives of other Valdemara Centre offices also take part in this movement.

Supporting Centrs Dardedze Foundation

We provide pro bono tax and legal advice to Centre Dardedze Foundation, which advocates a safe childhood and protecting children from any kind of violence.

Responsible business

We represent ethical and transparent business practices in the Latvian market and help other companies boost their competitiveness. We maintain a dialogue between the private and the public sector, create development opportunities, and share experience.

Pro bono support for distressed companies

To contribute to the development of our national economy, we have prepared a support programme for companies and we offer free, objective and confidential advice on ways to restructure their debts and restore their financial health.

Educating our clients

We hold education events for our customers (Tax Afternoon, Accounting Breakfast etc) where we explain the latest legislative changes and news in the areas we represent. Each year we publish a survey of the Baltic business environment and economic development trends in our region.

Membership of associations

We are members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL), the American Chamber of Commerce, and the British Chamber of Commerce. Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, chair of the PwC Latvia Board and Country Managing Partner, is the Chairperson of the FICIL Executive Board.

Making the tax system more efficient

Our purpose is to encourage an active dialogue between government and business in building an efficient tax system. We are working towards a win-win solution for all stakeholders that would make Latvia look more attractive in the eyes of foreign investors and maintain sustainable national growth. Our long-serving employees are among the founders of the Latvian Tax Consultants Association.

Our stories

Stories of community and environmental impact from around the PwC network.


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