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Today’s business leaders who operate sustainably are those that incorporate social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into their core business strategies. They also understand that the sustainability agenda requires working collaboratively with all stakeholders—from suppliers and customers to employees, shareholders and governments.

Sustainability issues are having an increasingly dramatic impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments. Climate change is driving the need to take actions, more and more companies around the globe are making commitments to decrease their CO2 emissions. In order to address different components of the sustainability a ESG framework with set of environmental, social and governance standards for company operations is used. We can help you to navigate the growing regulator landscape for sustainability issues as well as to address the internal and external challenges in this field.


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Why choose PwC for ESG?

PwC is a recognized leader in over 150 major analyst reports spanning risk and regulatory, digital and technology, ESG, trust and transparency and more. We help guide our clients through ESG risks and opportunities with advice, strategy, transformation, and reporting solutions.

How can we support you?

Sustainability strategy services

(maturity and materiality analysis, regulatory gap analysis)

  • Identify your issues and goals to determine where the pressures are likely to be and raise awareness of what needs to happen to make your business more sustainable.
  • Prioritise these issues from both a sustainability and commercial point of view. This will help you recognise and better manage risk, improve efficiency, revenue potential, growth and other opportunities.
  • Map the short and long-term ambitions for your sustainability vision, assess the  risks , and address any gaps in delivery.
  • Support the alignment and integration of your sustainability vision into your overall corporate strategy.
  • Develop and deliver a robust sustainability programme that includes prioritised initiatives, enablers, milestones, key performance indicators, and measurable targets.

Sustainability statements/Non-financial reporting and assurance

(guidelines, data collection, metric calculation, standard application)

Whether from investors, regulators, or other stakeholders, organisations are facing increasing demands for broader corporate reporting and greater transparency. This poses the challenge for organisations of whether the necessary internal information is available and of the quality necessary to report externally.

Reporting on sustainability promotes efficiency in that a company can respond to all inquiries about its performance with a single, comprehensive statement. However, producing such a definitive document is challenging because of the need to reconcile the demands of numerous reporting mandates. Reliable and consistent sustainability reporting can be a challenge also in the face of increasing disclosure requirements. We leverage our assurance expertise to ensure the accuracy and credibility of your data reporting.

This is where PwC can help by making sure that your organisation’s reporting data is credible and current.

Main PwC support areas:

  • Setting up ESG reporting framework and structure
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements and regulations
  • Data governance process set up and assistance 
  • Preparation and publishing of ESG reports
  • Assurance of sustainability statements/Non-financial reports in accordance to International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000 (ISAE 3000)

EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy Regulation defines a system of classification of sustainable economic activities that are aligned and substantially contributing to the climate and environmental objectives of the EU. Furthermore, the Taxonomy Regulation describes disclosure requirements and categories of financial market participants and certain large non-financial entities to report additional information, including Taxonomy alignment indicators related to their revenues, CAPEX and OPEX.

PwC supports financial institutions and other companies with the following service:

  • Taxonomy alignment analysis 
  • Identification of required data
  • Taxonomy-related workshops and other guidance

Climate risk assessment

Growing efforts to address climate change and pursue net-zero goals create challenges and opportunities for businesses, investors, customers and other stakeholders alike. Whether you are developing renewable energy resources, investing in carbon-capture technology, financing sustainability projects through green bonds, trading carbon credits or simply considering how your business can establish measurable climate change targets, you’ll need to consider various implications.

PwC team of integrated wide range of professionals delivers a holistic perspective. Working with specialists from across a spectrum of areas including Assurance, Deals, Consulting and Tax & Legal can give you clear, actionable expert advice on climate risks related issues.  Whatever the challenge you’re facing, PwC’s global network of  professionals can help your business meet its strategic goals.

Main areas:

  • Climate risks assessment and policies
  • Net zero transformation
  • Carbon footprint tracking using GHG protocol methodology

Sustainability/ESG trainings and raising awareness

ESG means designing business activities that are sustainable and responsible. This is a trend that will alter the business environment beyond recognition already in the near future. The years to come will bring wider non-financial data disclosure obligations, implementation of the principles of sustainable finance and more specific goals and measures to reduce climate impact.

Every industry sector and organisation have their own set of ESG challenges, but also opportunities to tackle them. That’s why PwC provides trainings meant to help you raise awareness and upskill your team with the latest ESG regulations and sustainability topics.

Main services areas:

  • Introducing concepts of ESG and sustainable business model
  • Leading ESG and sustainability workshops, meetings campaigns
  • Taylor-made ESG trainings

ESG Tax & legal services

Tax and legal areas also plays a critical role in solving today’s ESG challenges - managing an organisation’s legal and tax considerations now means also thinking about ESG issues. Done right, it goes well beyond ticking boxes as the standards and regulations around ESG are expanding rapidly at the local, national and global levels.

ESG factors are also increasingly important in weighing the legal and tax implications of business decisions and long-term plans. As climate change accelerates, businesses will encounter both new risks and new opportunities with far-reaching legal and tax impacts. And to stay viable, they will need to keep up with both society’s evolving expectations about corporate behaviour and changing business models. This has created a complex environment for any business to navigate.

Whatever your need when it comes to ESG, tax and legal matters, PwC community of solvers can help guide you through this changing landscape. We understand our clients’ unique problems and bring global expertise to help them find solutions to new and emerging problems.

Main services:

  • ESG initiatives supported with state subsidies, incentives and EU Funds
  • Legal compliance with ESG legal regulations
  • Environmental taxes: supporting in optimising cases regarding green, carbon and energy taxes
  • Equal Salary consulting (Equal Salary certification – service under development)
  • Tax function operation model: helping in designing your company’s tax function in a way meeting ESG demands
  • Tax transparency: navigating you through the landscape of ESG reporting including tax; assisting in preparing tax disclosures and tax transparency reports by reference to the tax metrics released by inter alia the World Economic Forum and Global Reporting Initiative
  • Tax governance: assisting with formulating a responsible approach to tax covering all ESG criteria in particular by introducing ESG Tax Governance Framework and Tax Risk management
  • Tax strategy sustainability assessment
  • State subsidies, incentives and support programmes
  • Paperless Office

ESG and Environmental due diligence

When buying or selling companies, its growing tendency for the institutional investors to check that there are no environmental showstoppers (e.g. contaminated land), no social red flags (e.g. human rights issues) and no governance problems (e.g. bribery and corruption). No investor wants to be caught out and face bad press, heavy fines or see the value of an acquisition drop.

PwC provides a tailored approach to each ESG due diligence assessment depending on the risks identified in your screening assessment, the depth of detail required for the overall due diligence, the time and budget available, and the access to management.

We apply our strong capabilities and deep knowledge of ESG DD to help you develop an effective approach to the management of ESG factors on new ‘control’ deals, where you plan to hold a majority stake. The scope of our ESG due diligence work will be tailored to reflect the material ESG issues inherent to the specific target company according to the specifics of the target’s commercial activities.

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