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Our transfer pricing team is willing to discuss emerging transfer pricing issues and promote brave solutions in transfer pricing practice

In recent years, TP has become a key area of international taxation facing multinational enterprises and tax administrations.

TP requirements mainly apply to cross-border transactions. If a multinational group enters the Latvian market, e.g. by establishing, merging or acquiring a Latvian subsidiary or creating a permanent establishment (PE) in Latvia, and that subsidiary or PE makes transactions with other group companies (or with any other persons such as family members or significant individual shareholders), the prices applied in those transactions may directly affect how the profit or loss of related parties is measured, and it is important to disclose how those prices are set in practice.

So the transfer prices of a multinational group with a taxable presence in Latvia are governed by Latvian tax laws.

PwC transfer pricing services:

Preparing TP documentation

Assistance in segmenting financial data

Advice on revising the legal form of controlled transactions

Benchmarking studies

Preparing transaction documents for controlled transactions between Latvian residents

Preparation of transfer pricing policy

Transfer pricing policy for financial transactions

Assistance in concluding an advance pricing agreement with the tax authority

Transfer pricing risk assessment

Representing you in negotiations with the tax authority

The TP impact of Covid-19

Preparing/filing Country-by-Country Report

Risks associated with incorrect transfer pricing:

  • Reassessment of local taxes – with significant penalties and interest on overdue tax and with
  • double taxation of income where a double tax treaty offers no relief
  • Uncertainty about your tax burden and costly, lengthy conflicts with supervisory authorities
  • Damage to your reputation and corporate brand

Our global team of more than 3,100 transfer pricing experts use their expertise in helping our clients around the world to execute successful transfer pricing transactions and to resolve challenges as they arise.

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