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PwC Legal Japan Privacy Policy

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the related Enforcement Order and other relevant regulations including the guidelines provided by the authorities (hereinafter referred to as the “Laws”).

1. Collection of Personal Information

We will collect Personal Information lawfully and fairly.

2. Purpose of Use

In principal, we will use Personal Information for the purposes indicated below. We shall not use Personal Information other than for these purposes except for when the subject person consents to the use thereof or when such use is permitted under any of the Laws.

  1. Providing, dealing with or managing legal advice or a requested project and the correspondence related thereto including the sending of any documents.
  2. Sending a notice including notifications for seminars, symposiums, lectures, greetings etc.
  3. Recruiting processes for attorneys or staff of our firm and their related work.
  4. Other issues related to the above.

3. Security Safeguards

We will take the necessary and appropriate security safeguards and measures in order to secure Personal Information against accidental leakage, loss or destruction and will manage Personal Information in a secure manner.

4. Disclosures of Personal Information

When disclosing any collected Personal Information to a third party, we will obtain the consent from the subject person of the Personal Information, except where such disclosure is permitted without said consent under any of the Laws.

5. Data Sharing

As long as the use falls under the purposes mentioned above, we may share any collected Personal Information with other PwC global network firms for global service improvements and business purposes.

6. Data Disclosure

When a Personal Information subject person requests us to disclose, amend, add, delete, cease to manage any Personal information, we will take the appropriate measures in accordance with the applicable Laws.

7. Principle of Continual Improvement

We will try to regularly review and improve the compliance programs for this information protection. We may revise this policy when needed.

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