Regional Vitalization, Local Revitalization and Business Succession

The revitalization of enterprises rooted in local communities is the driving force behind regional vitalization. We will support the revitalization of local companies, including in business succession.

PwC supports efforts to revitalize local economies and improve the vitality of local communities by assisting in the revitalization and regrowth of local enterprises and industries, utilizing our experience in assisting the implementation of business revitalization and management reforms that we have cultivated through our projects with numerous local enterprises. We also support the succession of family-owned businesses in the region and assist in the realization of a "good business succession", which enables smooth succession to the next generation.

Support the revitalization of local enterprises and industries to realize regional revitalization

The Japanese population is declining rapidly, as evidenced by the aging of society and the decrease in the number of young people. Population decline is particularly severe in rural areas, and it is an impending issue for local societies to accept the arrival of a society with a decreasing population and to formulate a vision of how to rebuild society and how the economic structure should be.

PwC provides extensive support from strategic planning for the revitalization, restructuring, and regrowth of local enterprises and industries to their implementation by conducting a thorough survey and economic structure analysis and setting the goal of "reforming the regional industrial structure". This includes consideration of the industry structure to be pursued and establishment of a system to acquire money from outside the area and its intra-regional circulation. PwC has been involved in business turnaround since the dawn of this business. We will leverage our experience gained through the numerous business revitalization and reorganization projects we have been involved in, to support the formulation of effective plans and action plans, the formation of consensus with stakeholders and the construction of monitoring systems.

Support the global expansion of SMEs located in the region

The domestic market will inevitably shrink in the future. Businesses classed as medium-sized companies and/or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to develop overseas businesses together with the large companies that they do business with. However, due to a shortfall of human resources and know-how, there are many companies that have hesitated to do so.

PwC not only provides support for overseas expansion to small and medium-sized companies, but also provides the required human resources and know-how.

Business succession

Family-owned companies are generally defined as companies in which the owners and their families hold a majority of the shares and where the managers and proprietors are the same people. In many cases, such organizations are maintained by the ability and individuality of the owner-managers. If the owner-managers retire without any preparation, there is a risk that the company falls into confusion. To avoid this, it is necessary to: (1) secure and develop successors who understand the corporate philosophy; (2) search for financiers who understand the corporate philosophy; and, (3) establish and disseminate the corporate philosophy within the company. By fulfilling these requirements, smooth succession to the next generation of a company that has been united by the centripetal force of owner-managers becomes possible. PwC strongly supports this kind of "good business succession" based on our extensive experience.


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