2021 Japan tax reform

On 10 December 2020, Japan's ruling coalition announced their tax reform proposals for 2021, which were approved by the Cabinet on 21 December 2020. Many of the proposals support the government's new economic stimulus package announced on 8 December 2020, particularly with respect to the goals of 'realizing digitalisation and a green society'. A translation of a summary of the new economic stimulus package can be found at the following link: https://www5.cao.go.jp/keizai1/keizaitaisaku/2020-2/20201208_economic_measures.pdf 

The 2021 tax reform proposals were passed into law in March 2021.   With that in mind, PwC Tax Japan has prepared a series of videocasts that provide a summary of the 2021 tax reform proposals, as well as other recent tax developments. These are categorised into broad topics, so that viewers can choose the topics they would like to learn about (and the order in which they would like to learn). PwC Tax Japan has also published an English language newsletter summarizing the 2021 tax reform proposals, which can be found here.