Notice of PwC Legal Japan's Actions in relation to the State of Emergency (as of September 1)

Due to the continued risk of infection, PwC Legal Japan will continue to reduce the number of staff members in the office. We will provide our high-level professional services under this “new social distancing behavior.”

1) Operational policies

We will limit the number of staff members physically working in the office and continue remote work arrangements to the extent possible for the time being. (The reception is open as usual.) Since we will visit our clients or participate in face-to-face meetings with the minimum number of staff members, we encourage video meetings, tele-conferences and e-mails for the safety of our clients and employees. For details on how to proceed with your projects, please reach out to your PwC Legal Japan contact.


2) Contact

Please contact our main telephone number or the staff member you are working with directly via mobile phone or e-mail for any questions.

3) Postal delivery

We continue to receive postal deliveries as usual. However, the staff member responsible for such mail may not receive it immediately. If you need quick action vis-à-vis the delivered item, please contact the person in charge before mailing it to ensure timely receipt.

4) Billing

Invoices to clients will be sent in PDF format via e-mail. We will not affix our seal to the invoice sent by e-mail. If you need a hard copy of the invoice with our seal, please contact the partner/manager in charge.