Takuei Maruyama

Takuei Maruyama

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Japan LLC, PwC Business Assurance LLC


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory service
Forensic service including Fraud risk management

Summary of expertise

Takuei Maruyama has been engaged in auditing and advisory work for financial institutions since 1991, when he joined MISUZU Audit Corporation (which later merged with Aoyama Audit Corporation to become Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation).

From July 1999 to December 2001, he was seconded to the Inspection Department of the Financial Supervisory Agency (currently the Inspection Bureau of the Financial Services Agency) and was appointed a member of the Accounting Task Force of the Basel Banking Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Inspection Manual Review Committee, among others.
Since joining Aarata Audit Corporation (currently PricewaterhouseCoopers Japan LLC) in 2006, he has been mainly involved in the launch of governance, risk, compliance and advisory businesses for major financial institutions.

2012 Japan Risk Assurance Leader
2017 Officer (Risk Digital Assurance)
2019 Executive officer (Risk Digital Assurance)
2021 Executive officer (Trust Service Research and Development), Japan Forensic Service Leader

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