Message from CEO

As business uncertainty grows, the “tax” environment surrounding companies has changed significantly, and international tax risk has risen dramatically. Taxation is not only closely related to major business indicators such as ROE and ROIC, but has a material impact on other essential items on the business agenda, such as CSR and ESG.

In this volatile environment, new tax governing structures that aim “to pay the appropriate tax globally” are important to ensure a tax strategy that is based on the business strategy. In addition, corporate social responsibility is gaining greater prominence globally, and tax accountability to various stakeholders is increasingly required.

In order to solve those issues, digital transformation (DX) of the tax function is essential. By adopting DX, it is possible to reduce the time and cost related to tax compliance, and to devote more time to tax operations that contribute to management decision making.

As PwC Tax Japan, we are focused on PwC’s purpose: “To build trust in society and solve important problems”. To this end, we aim to become a trusted business partner and to solve important business issues together with you, rather than simply serving as a traditional tax advisor. We will continue to change as necessary to accomplish this purpose.

Jun Takashima
CEO, PwC Tax Japan

CEO Jun Takashima