Organizational Structure and Governance

Organizational Structure

Partners and Shains Meeting

The Partners and Shains Meeting is the ultimate decision-making body of the Firm. The Meeting resolves matters prescribed by the articles of incorporation of the Firm. The Meeting consists of all Shain members.

Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and other executive officers. The Committee is responsible for the overall management of the Firm.

The Chief Executive Officer chairs the Committee and is ultimately responsible for the Firm’s quality control framework.

The current members of Management Committee are as follows:

Chief Executive Officer

Takaaki Ino

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Assurance Leader/Assurance Transformation/Planning & Management)

Masataka Kubota

Executive Officer (Broader Assurance Services)

Masato Yamagami

Executive Officer (Audit)

Kensuke Koda

Executive Officer (Special mission)

Kazuyuki Tsujimura

Chief Quality Officer

Takaki Suzuki

Officer (Human Capital)

Masahiko Nara

Officer (Culture Change Promotion/DX for People)

Chikako Suzuki

Officer (Clients & Industries)

Eiichi Yamanaka

Officer (Trust Service Development/DX for Services)

Kazuya Miyamura

Officer (Group Company Management) Akira Kashima
Officer (Finance) Nobuki Otsude

Oversight Board

The Oversight Board oversees management strategies and implementation measures adopted by the Management Committee to ensure transparent governance of the Firm. The Board consists of eight Shain members and acts through the Risk and Quality (R&Q) Committee, which independently oversees the Firm’s risk and quality related activities, the Partner Evaluation Committee, the Audit Committee, which is responsible for the internal auditing of the Firm’s operations, and the Nomination Committee, which identifies and nominates candidate(s) for the position of the Chief Executive Officer.

Public Interest Body

The Public Interest Body (PIB) is comprised of independent non-executive members, the chairman of the Oversight Board and the Chief Executive Officer. The PIB supervises, evaluates and advises the Management Committee on measures to improve the audit quality of the Firm.