Leaders Message

Aiming to Become a Leading Firm that Builds Trust in the Digital Society

The world today faces a variety of uncertainties, including the collapse of existing frameworks and the impact of natural disasters. At the same time, the rapidly evolving digital technologies are changing how we should confront and overcome these uncertainties and transform our way of doing business.

PwC’s purpose is “to build trust in society and solve important problems.” In 2018, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC formulated the “Vision 2025” * as a long-term vision, with the aim of becoming a leading firm that builds trust in digital society and solves social problems. Specifically, in response to the growing social demand for “trust” in the new digital era, we aim to achieve three objectives: “granting trust,” “supporting trust-building,” and “creating a foundation for trust.” To realize our Vision, we have identified five strategic priorities, which form the fundamental pillars for all our transformational efforts.

PwC provides services based on common quality standards worldwide. In addition to the standardization of manuals and the verification of individual services at the global level, PwC is also striving to manage and improve firm operations based on international standards as well as the Japanese “Audit Firm Governance Code.” In order to realize robust and reliable digital transformation for society and businesses, PwC mobilizes the knowledge and expertise it has cultivated around the world in reviewing, standardizing, and automating business processes. Through these efforts of self-reform, we strive to globally provide optimal services that are needed by society in the coming age of full-scale AI.

We will continue to work closely with PwC’s global network, which is present in 152 countries, to grasp global trends. At the same time, we will engage in dialogue with our stakeholders to understand the expectations of society. We will protect our firm’s culture, represented by “Doing the right thing” and “Speak up,” which have been valued since our establishment, and contribute to the resolution of important social problems by providing professional services with a high level of ethical standards and independence.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC

Chief Executive Officer
Takaaki Ino

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Territory Assurance Leader
Masataka Kubota