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The purpose of the PwC Global Network is to build trust in society and solve important problems. As a Japanese member of this network, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC aims to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders and continue building trust in society in order to achieve sustainable growth for Japan.  

Last year we developed the PwC Aarata Vision 2025: “To become the leading firm to build trust in a digital society.” As a top priority, we have adopted a strategy to “pursue quality”—this is what we have been putting the highest value on since the foundation of our firm—, and we have also developed a strategy to “expand trust services”. The audits of financial statements that we conduct “provide trust” by expressing our opinions on whether financial statements are prepared and presented fairly. Establishing trust between society and us by responding to expectations of society will always be imperative. We are steadily taking measures to maintain and enhance quality, for example through adherence to the Audit Firm Governance Code.   

At the same time, the world is rapidly transforming into a digital and data society. In the expanding digital society, every year there are growing expectations to remove uncertainty and provide trust in various forms of information and data besides financial statements. By assisting organizations to improve trust in the data and other information they generate, ensuring security, and creating platforms for exchanging information and data, we aim to solve important problems in order to contribute to building trust in society. To enable us to generate maximum value in a digital society, our third strategy is “digitalization and data utilization”, and we are making great strides in digitalizing our own operations and utilizing data in our work.  

PwC Aarata Vision 2025 sets out two further strategies: to “invest in future talent” and “raise awareness/dialogue with stakeholders”. By recruiting and developing the talent required for the coming era, enabling people to perform to their utmost and engaging in dialogue with the various stakeholders we deal with throughout society, our goal is to constantly grow as professionals and resolutely be the leading firm in solving important social problems. We aim to be a trusted business advisor with skills to respond to client needs in an appropriate and timely manner, and to contribute to corporate value creation.

Even if the audit industry and the environment in which its stakeholders operate undergo major change, our social mission remains unaltered. Day by day we will take on new challenges to build stakeholder trust and continue working with our stakeholders to solve important problems.

January 2019

Koichiro Kimura, Chief Executive Officer

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