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Did you know, our Digital Fitness app has been made public?

Recently, the US firm added the latest version of Digital Fitness App (DFA) to the global App Store making it accessible, for free, for anyone to use until 30 June 2021. This is in line with the firm's global New world. New skills. programme, which includes a four-year, $3bn commitment to upskilling our own people and investment in technologies supporting our clients and communities.

Download the app

Why now?

This is the first time PwC has shared a product with the world and is an ideal opportunity to live our purpose. We know DFA helped, and will continue to help, many of our people across the network at the start of their own digital upskilling journey and so this is why PwC has decided to share it with the public. We want to provide our communities with the opportunity to digitally upskill themselves and to understand not only how tech works now, but how it’s likely to change and develop in the future.

Resources included on the app

In addition to the emerging digital trends and technologies content, the firm has added new professional and personal resources, including

 healthcare red

Relevant health and business insights, including implications for the workforce

 children red

Tips and planning ideas for families, including working remotely

 education red

Resources for education, including projects to keep children engaged, virtual classroom platforms and leading practices around virtual learning

 information red

Reliable information to help you manage self care and conversations with children

Download now

If you want to avail of this great opportunity to enhance your own digital fitness especially whilst WFH, here's how:

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search ‘Digital Fitness Assessment’ to download the app for free, using the code LRNALL (valid until 30 June 2021).

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