PwC seminar - German tax risk - July 2012

Felix v.d.Planitz, Partner, and Dr. André Gloede, Director, PwC Germany presented at the PwC German tax risk seminar on 16 and 17  July 2012.  It was a cross-island event In the continuing aftermath of the financial crisis, the asset management industry is facing unprecedented pressures. These pressures are largely coming from investors, legislators and regulators, with Germany leading the way in Europe, particularly focusing on increased transparency achieved by way of complex investor reporting rules. We are delighted to welcome Felix Planitz and Dr André Gloede of PwC Germany to host a seminar where they will be drawing out some of their experiences of German tax audits involving international private equity funds. Felix and André will also cover some of Germany’s new treaty shopping rules and the impact on private equity structuring.

The presentation attached gives some highlights that were covered during the seminar.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Wendy Dorman, Felix Planitz, André Gloede or your usual PwC contact.