Green Jobs Barometer for the Channel Islands

29 June 2022

What are "green jobs" in the Channel Islands context? The net zero transition will be significant for the islands, our economies, jobs and skills. How do we make sure we understand and harness the benefits of green jobs for the Islands, and make sure no-one is left behind? How can we build an evidence base to assess and support a fair transition to net zero? How do our Islands compare with progress in the UK?

Last year, PwC UK published a Green Jobs Barometer for the UK, which measured the relative performance of UK regions and industry sectors on their progress in developing green jobs.

Here at PwC Channel Islands, we have recently applied the same methodology to the Channel Islands economy. There are five pillars to the research, together providing a view of how the green transition is already impacting the labour market:

  • Green jobs creation
  • Wider benefits from green jobs
  • Sunset jobs to disappear
  • Carbon intensity of employment
  • Green employment

On the 29 June we hosted a short virtual briefing, as we launched our publication of Green Jobs Barometer for the Channel Islands. In this session, we shared our specific findings and implications for the Channel Islands, including results of a survey from 1,000 local workers, which highlights their expectations of employers in transitioning to a greener economy.

Event details

Date 29 June 2022
Time 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location PwC virtual event

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