Our wellbeing vision

We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our people so they can be themselves and feel their best, allowing us to deliver the exceptional service our clients expect.

This means being proactive in empowering our people to prioritise their wellbeing and support those around them in doing the same. Using our brand and expertise to drive change across industry, we want to influence the employer wellbeing movement, making a difference for working people and their families.

Be Well, Work Well

Be Well, Work Well is our name for everything we do to help our people stay well, and the support we provide when they need it. Find out more about Be Well, Work Well by watching this short film.

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Be Well, Work Well

Our wellbeing at work

We’re committed to creating an environment that enables our people to prioritise their wellbeing and take care of themselves.

  • Our Everyday Flexibility approach: Giving our people greater flexibility in how, where and when we work.
  • Our Mental Health Training for Leaders: Our leaders undertake a 3-part course to ensure they feel equipped with a range of scientific & evidence-based skills and techniques that will provide a solid foundation for courageous conversations.
  • Our Wellbeing champions: We have over 20 mental health first aiders already trained up across our Channel Island offices. Wellbeing is a key component of our People strategy, and wellbeing covers proactive focus on physical and mental health, but also a safety net when life happens.
  • Reimagining our offices: Creating a variety of innovative and flexible work spaces to meet everyone's needs.
  • Our Dress for your Day policy: Encouraging our people to wear what’s most comfortable and appropriate for their work commitments.
  • Lifestyle Allowance: We actively encourage our people to make lifestyle choices that will promote their wellbeing. Our yearly lifestyle allowance helps us do just that by contributing a certain amount for each person to put towards either equipment, physical activity or travel that ultimately supports physical and mental health.

As well as our central policies and arrangements, we work with each area of our business, supporting them in making changes locally to enable their teams to live and work at their best.

Be Well, Work Well resources

We have resources available to our people to help them stay fit and healthy, as well as providing the right support when they need it.

  • Our Habit Bank, highlighting simple actions we can take to enhance our wellbeing.
  • Online modules to help us stay mindful of our own wellbeing, recognise signs that others are struggling and provide guidance on listening and supporting colleagues.
  • We offer all staff a free Headspace subscription, designed to help with a range of topics including Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, Fitness and more, ensuring our people cope with everyday anxious feelings and enabling them to find focus to make work happier.

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