Marketing activities

Marketing includes any communications about PwC products and services. Where we are legally required to obtain your explicit consent to send you marketing materials, we will only provide you with such marketing materials if you have provided consent for us to do so.

We retain contact information (including name and email address) on our mailing lists until an individual unsubscribes from our mailing lists. If you unsubscribe from our mailings, we may retain limited information sufficient to identify you so that we can honour your opt out request.

PwC does not sell personal information to non-PwC parties for consumer marketing purposes.

Email tracking

When you receive a marketing email, event invitation or other direct mailings by email from us, we may collect information about you in the following ways:

  • Opening emails - if you open the email either by downloading images in the email or clicking on a link this activity is logged in the technology used to deliver the email.
  • View as web page - if you click on the "view it as a web page" link, a tracking code is passed in the link so that the web page is personalised in the same way as the email.
  • Links to web pages - if you click on any web link, we pass a tracking code in the link to the web page which we use to log such activity in the technology we use.
  • Unsubscribe - if you click unsubscribe, the technology we use will log this information automatically. If you unsubscribe from an email invitation or alert, we will continue to store your personal data on a "marketing suppression list" so as to record your preference.
  • Event RSVP buttons - in our event invitations and confirmations we provide buttons to allow you to accept, decline, cancel and register (if you are not the original recipient of the email) for that event. Clicking on these buttons will pass a tracking code so we can record your choice to help us manage the event.

Website tracking

If you click through from one of our marketing emails, event invitations or form landing pages to our website we use additional cookies on our website to connect your email marketing journey with your website journey. This is to help us to provide you with the best user experience and relevant content across our digital marketing channels to help us improve our email marketing.

Please refer to our cookies policy for more information.

How to unsubscribe from marketing communications

You can at any time contact us to request that we stop sending you email marketing communications. If you want to unsubscribe from mailing lists, you should look for and follow the instructions we have provided in the relevant communications to you or, alternatively, you may contact us by mail to

If you wish to no longer receive only certain communications, please identify such communications in your request.


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