Corporate Responsibility Strategy

At PwC we believe in being ‘part of it’: the global conversation and movement towards responsible business practices that creates positive change in the world. We believe in lending our voice to advocate for change on important issues and be part of forums and initiatives that help organisations to navigate the road to sustainability.

We use corporate responsibility as a societal lens, helping us to understand stakeholder expectations and societal trends, manage our activities in light of these and invest in positive societal changes that delivers on our purpose and measure a broader set of business metrics.

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Our corporate responsibility strategy

We aim to:

We aim to go further. Through our own corporate responsibility agenda, we can be part of the solution to global challenges in two ways. We set out our strategic intent as:

  • Being a catalyst for change, which is about using our skills, voice, and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.
  • Doing the right thing, which means playing our part in responsible business issues that are central to our business – from the quality of our services and the diversity of our people, to our engagement with communities and our environmental footprint.

We focus on:

To us, being a responsible business means managing our operations with ethics and integrity and recognising that our responsibilities extend into our value chain. But its more than that – we understand that the most significant societal contribution we make is through the work we do day in day out.

Driven by our purpose, mission and values, we are making an impact in our communities and delivering business value by helping create a more equitable society and creating value for business and our communities in terms of ethics, integrity and trust whilst using our core skills to help address issues central to corporate responsibility today.

At PwC, we respect and value differences. We know that when people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create value for our people and our clients by promoting diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion where people can be themselves, give their best and grow professionally and personally.

Contributing to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges isn’t something we do on the side. Our community investments simply allow us to extend our impact. We focus our efforts on sharing our skills and experience to 'Maximize Potential' and create socio-economic value by using our skills and experience to help local communities and focus on capacity-building and education with a large focus on the NGO sector. 

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Without a planet there is no business. That’s why we actively manage the impact of our business and help our clients make the transition to the green economy, placing real value on natural capital. The greatest impact we can have is through supporting our clients to improve their environmental outcomes and to find new innovative solutions to environmental challenges in our areas of expertise.

We aim to create value for our business and our communities by respecting the environment, understanding and reducing our impact on the world around us, and implementing an environmental policy, which governs the way we work. Some of our initiatives include using reusable coffee cups and encouraging other forms of recycling, printing double sided to save on ink and paper, incorporating recycling targets and using a new lighting system with sensors that automatically turns lights off when rooms aren’t in use, saving electricity.

We manage CR using:

Leadership Ladders

Our leadership ladders set minimum standards and provide guidance on how PwC firms achieve leadership in corporate responsibility. Each of the four steps of the ladder considers four dimensions: behaviour change; strategy and policy; measurement and engagement; and impact assessment.

These aims form the core of our corporate responsibility strategy and across the PwC network, our firms support these goals. Our corporate strategy is tailored to our specific strengths and opportunities, as a network of professional services firms.


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