What's The New Equation?

A community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways.

Our vision for the PwC Network, fuelled by our Purpose, is to be the most trusted and relevant professional services business in the world - one that attracts the best talent and combines the most innovative technologies, to help organisations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

We’re calling our refreshed global strategy The New Equation, and it speaks to the two most fundamental needs clients and organisations are grappling with today. 

First is the urgency to successfully respond to, and change, in the face of the major shifts shaping the world: technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics, social tension, and the continuing effects of the pandemic. Second is the need to build trust at a time when it is both more fragile and more complicated to earn. 

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Delivering sustained outcomes which make a difference

Our approach embodies who we are: a community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways to deliver outcomes for organisations, their customers, stakeholders and communities, which make a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain.  

Our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered and meaningful experiences which deliver real-life results for organisations on the Isle of Man.

Solving for the issues that matter to our clients and the world
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Flexible work positively impacts the environment

We believe business has an important role to play in solving society's biggest issues. That's why we're investing in the areas that matter most, advancing our capabilities in ESG and using our experience and the skills of our people with innovative technology to deliver lasting results, along with working towards our net zero commitment.

Are you ready for the ESG revolution?

Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies craft strategy, drive performance, and report results. The management implications are significant - and so is the potential for forward-looking leaders to reinvent and inspire their organisations. 


Taxing times require a new era of compromise

Tax reform may well be top of government agendas to help cope with COVID-19 spending, but every move could require trade-offs. Is a new spirit of compromise the key to fixing the global tax system?

You can’t buy trust - you have to earn it

Trust has never been more important. It’s the link that connects your organisation, your people, your customers, your stakeholders and the world. We know that trust isn’t something you can buy off the shelf. It’s something you earn through every interaction, every experience, every relationship and every outcome delivered.

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A world built on the foundations of trust and transparency
Learning to love transparency

The direction of travel is clear, but there is a lot of uncertainty about the precise path and the pace of change.  Here are five issues for CEOs and executive teams to consider as they contemplate a more transparent future. 

Private Equity’s ESG journey - from compliance to value creation

PE firms putting Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) at the heart of their business strategy will be the game changers in the new sustainable economy. And just as there will be leaders, there will also be laggards. Those PE firms that fail to embrace ESG will risk value erosion.

Linking executive pay to ESG goals

Public pressure and changing norms are paving the way for business leaders to be paid based on a new set of criteria.

People solving together powered by technology

The New Equation is a future that is human-led and tech-powered. For us, people and technology work hand in hand. It's about how human ingenuity combines with technology innovation and experience to deliver faster, more intelligent and better outcomes while building trust across the value chain.

People and technology working together to create a stronger tomorrow
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A human-led and tech-powered approach to solve business challenges

We’re investing in technology that empowers our people and complements the skills and expertise they bring. The New Equation is an approach which is human-led and tech-powered. It combines human ingenuity with technology innovation and experience to deliver faster, better and more intelligent outcomes while building trust.

Simplifying cybersecurity

In today’s hyperconnected world, organisations need to consider multiple areas of cyber risk throughout their ecosystem. Reducing complexity while establishing a framework for governance and shared responsibility demands deliberate action, over the long and the short term. 


Bridging the digital divide

Upskilling the global workforce is a complex problem that needs business, governments, technologists and educators to work together to achieve sustained outcomes.  We’ve been on a journey to digitally upskill our own people around the world and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned. 

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