Shipping, Aircraft and Space

The Isle of Man has a long established presence in the global shipping industry. Isle of Man companies are active owners and operators of some of the largest ships in the world and the Isle of Man shipping registry is recognised globally as setting a high benchmark for standards and efficiency. The Isle of Man is also home to many privately owned mega yachts, and there are a number of local specialist service providers who deal with yacht finance, crewing, chartering and operations.

The Isle of Man aircraft register is one of the fastest growing in the world with over 500 registrations from a standing start in 2007. The register is used by owners of private and corporate aircraft but is not open to commercial operators. Many of the aircraft registered are held in Isle of Man structures, and there is a sizable local sector which can provide the necessary financial and commercial advice.

The Isle of Man space commerce industry has attracted global headlines, with recognised players involved in the ownership and operation of satellites. One of the attractions is the absence of insurance premium tax in the Isle of Man which can result in material savings in operating cost over the lifetime of a space vehicle.

We provide audit, advisory and tax services to some of the key players in these industries.


Shipping, Aircraft and Space

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