Our culture

Our culture is all about our people. The development of our people is key and though we're all driven by different aspirations, we share the same commitment to quality. The work we do is carried out to standards beyond best practice in an exciting environment where success thrives. The expert guidance, strategy and advice we offer our clients are all down to the people who work here.

Working hard

Our people are ambitious and want to develop their careers and move forward. This means that we're always looking for new challenges, want to be the leader in our chosen markets, and are ready to put in the extra effort to succeed. We always approach work professionally and deliver the highest possible quality of service to our clients.

Working to value our people

We go out of our way to give them the respect and recognition they deserve - which means offering stimulating work, investing in continuous professional development, ongoing coaching and constructive feedback, and by maintaining fair, transparent promotion processes.

Supporting our local communities

We have relationships with many organisations, charities and schools within the communities where we operate. We encourage and support our people to participate in the programme and give their talents, expertise and time.

Where do you fit in?

Whether you have recently graduated, are about to graduate shortly, are an experienced professional, or even fresh out of school, PwC Isle of Man has opportunities for you.

Of course you’ll need to be bright to hold your own here. That’s why you must have an excellent academic track record. However there’s more to our people than intellect. So you’ll need to show us you have the following skills during the recruitment process.

  • Flexibility - to handle changing priorities and workloads positively;
  • Curiosity - to help you learn, share and innovate;
  • Team working skills - to take on your fair share and work with others to get results;
  • Courage and integrity - so you’re always up for a challenge and do the right thing by clients and colleagues;
  • Commercial awareness - so you’re up to date with the latest business thinking and trends; and,
  • Great communication skills - to listen, persuade and put your point across.

Know what you’re signing up for

A professional qualification gives you know-how and credibility. So although juggling work with study is tough, the rewards are worthwhile. Getting qualified will be a big part of your first few years. But if you’re ready to invest effort and commitment, we’ll give you our full support, including time off to study. Once you qualify, we’ll carry on helping you develop professionally and balance work with your life outside it.

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HR Manager
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