Analytical Data Platforms

Business intelligence solutions which leverage company data are becoming increasingly important as modern enterprise resource planning tools. The amount of information generated on a daily basis, the increasing complexity of products and the quick changes in business processes all underscore the need for pre-decision support.

The success of analytical and business intelligence (BI) solutions is fundamentally defined by the quantity, quality and structure of data available at the company. Using more comprehensive and better-quality data for a given business problem, while also ensuring a more logically structured database, solutions can be developed with greater accuracy, higher performance and better usability, which can then quickly translate into higher success rates as well.

Our experts have been involved in the implementation of nearly two hundred analytical solutions at leading corporations, both Hungarian and international, representing various industries from telecommunications to finance. The scope of our projects, for a diverse range of BI solutions, covers all phases of deployment, from planning to deployment.

According to our experience, approximately 60 % of the time required for the launch of a given solution is used to discover the available company data and select, clean and become familiar with the relevant and adequate-quality data, as well as to transform them into the required structure. International practice show that, unfortunately, additional analytical solutions being implemented at a given company typically cannot gain significant speed when built upon the first solution, as individual business issues differ a great deal from one another, and therefore so do the data layers of their respective analytical applications.

With the aim of speeding up the process of deployment and improving the efficiency of day-to-day operation, our colleagues have developed an analytical data platform comprising a logically structured, generalised database structure that is specific to each industry and suitable for a range of different business problems. Upon client request, the data structure can be supplemented with an operating framework, allowing for analytical solutions to be kept running day-to-day with minimal human interaction.

With the establishment of an analytical data platform focusing on the maximum utilization of company data, the amount of time required for deployment could be reduced by up to 50 %, depending on the actual business problem involved.

Built upon a well-planned and properly implemented analytical data platform, our BI solutions provide the following additional benefits:

better-founded decision making

more in-depth understanding of business processes

 measurable performance, availability of feedback

prospect of new business directions

opportunity to evaluate decision outcomes

If a client company is interested in the deployment of multiple analytical solutions and therefore opts to have its own data platform, our colleagues will start out with a generalised data structure template specific to the industry represented by the given client. Taking into account the client’s business processes and special IT requirements, our experts then customize the template, making adjustments to individual template elements as appropriate. The analytical data platform thereby formulated not only contains data required by the given business problem but, given the prospects of maximum utilisation of available company data, can also be used as a basis for integrating additional analytical solutions, serving ad-hoc queries or providing the data needs of regular business reporting.



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Antal Kerekes

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Gábor Oltyán

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