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Tax Newsflash

595 New online invoice data reporting requirements? PwC offering free webinar to catch up
594 The Client Gateway is here to stay one more year
593 Achieve higher tax savings - prepare your declaration on allocation now! 
592 Prove it (if you can) - Major changes in the rules of evidence
591 Combined Nomenclature: 2018 version published
590 New rules on transfer pricing documentation
589 Forms required for country-by-country reporting now available
588 Strength in unity – the rules of class action
587 EU-Canada free trade agreement enters into force
586 The owner pays! - Decision of the European Court of Justice concerning environmental damages
585 Tax incentive for energyefficiency investment projects
584 Changes in insolvency proceedings
583 ECJ judgement on payment of default interest on late VAT refund
582 The test period for online data supply has started
581 Significant savings in customs duties on goods imported from Sri Lanka
580 Key proposals to amend tax laws submitted to Parliament in June 2017
579 New requirement for automatic online tax reporting by invoicing software comes into effect
578 New Hungarian arbitration act and changing system of arbitration courts
577 The advertisement tax rate will be increased from 1 July 2017
576 In certain cases the reimbursement of VAT can be claimed directly from the tax authority
575 Country-by-country reporting in Hungary
573 Briefly on the General Data Protection Regulation
572 Brexit officially kicks off – get ready for the changes with PwC
571 New opportunity for SMEs to develop their ICT systems with EU funds
570 Simplified origin certification for goods imported from GSP beneficiary countries
569 Submission process for Polish VAT returns to get stricter
568 Summary of the major tax changes in 2016
567 The new unified electronic form for filing local business tax returns has been published
566 Changes to environmental protection product fee regulations from 1 January 2017
565 Threshold for submission of domestic recapitulative statements will change from 1 July 2017
564 Key amendments to tax laws adopted by Parliament in December 2016
563 Deadline for claiming default interest on unrecovered VAT will expire at year-end
562 T. R. U. S. T. - Application for automatic completion of domestic recapitulative statements ("M-sheets")
561 The latest European Court of Justice decision regarding VAT deduction is in a Hungarian case once again
560 Key proposals to amend tax laws submitted to Parliament in October 2016
558 New legal institution brings favourable taxation for motivation of employees, for stock provision
557 The deadline for foreign VAT refund applications is fast approaching
556 Social Security Agreement between Hungary and the United States entered into force
555 Transition to IFRS: What’s at stake from a tax perspective?
554 More frequent EKÁER audits, modification of EKÁER rules, verification of the taxpayers’ internal EKÁER related processes
553 Key proposals to amend tax laws submitted to Parliament in June 2016
552 The picture is getting clearer on the practical aspects of sharing R&D costs among related companies
551 Implementation of Community customs law nearing completion
550 Taxpayer classification is underway
549 Final deadline for limited liability companies to comply with the new Civil Code: 15 March 2016
548 Tax advance top-up deadline approaching – 20 December 2015
547 Public health product tax – Tax allowance for health promotion programmes
546 Data export - Invoicing software
545 The most important tax legislative changes effective from 2016
544 Community customs legislation changes – it’s worth preparing in time
543 Final version of BEPS Country-by-country reporting has been published
542 New required invoicing software feature
541 IFRS transition and its possible tax consequences
540 The deadline for foreign VAT refund applications is fast approaching
539 Tasks come and go - Mid-year tax changes affecting employees
538 No more deadline extension: social security exemption of U.S. secondees about to expire
537 Changing advertising tax rates
536 PwC EKAER Tool - use it free until 31 May 2015


Subsidy alert

34 Further opportunities for large enterprises to receive VIP cash subsidy from 1 January 2017
33 Tender call supporting investments of large companies is available again
32 New R+D+I subsidy opportunity in Central Hungary - June
31 New R+D+I subsidy opportunity in Central Hungary
30 New subsidy available in Central-Hungary for supporting 
enterprises’ R&D&I activities
29 Are you aware of the changes to the rules on EKD investment subsidies?
28 Important news: modified public procurement rules for subsidized projects
27 Important change: new public procurement rules for subsidized projects
26 Tender call for subsidies on R&D Excellence and Competitiveness 
contracts (GINOP-2.2.1-15) opens again
25 The first tender calls for R&D&I have been published
24 Tender calls for EU-financed subsidies will soon open to support development and 
competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises
23 New rules on stat aid for training employees and for establisihng and improving vocational training facilities
22 New regulation on investment cash subsidies based on an individual donor’s decision (Print version)
21 Regional non-refundable cash subsidies continue to be available until 30 June 2014
20 Non-refundable cash subsidies under the site development and industrial location
19 Non-refundable cash subsidies for the agricultural and food industries related to R&D projects
18 Research and development projects are once again eligible 
for non-refundable cash subsidies

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