Industrial production, manufacturing

Today’s challenges

One of the most important sectors of the Hungarian economy is manufacturing, which accounts for a large share of the country’s GDP and, due to its size, has a significant impact on the productivity of other sectors and industries.

Today, the manufacturing industry is characterised by significant dynamism, fierce competition and, in the case of Hungary, continuous foreign investment. On the domestic market, the greatest challenges are the increasing tax burden, changes to the regulatory environment, exchange rate volatility, and the characteristics of the local labour market (such as labour costs, and the skill level of the workforce).

The Hungarian manufacturing industry can enhance its competitiveness by offering Western European standards of quality and productivity while remaining cost-efficient, and by taking advantage of its logistically favourable location.

  Automotive Manufacturing
  • New technologies (autonomous vehicles, electric cars, connected devices, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • Sharper competition
  • „EASCY”
  • Increased role of and more investment in sustainability
  • Digital transformation through artificial intelligence, automation, digital twin, and IoT
  • Cooperation between previously disparate industries
  • Emergence of new technologies (e.g. AI)
  • ​Shrinking profit rate meets growing investment need

  • Tight supply chains (lack of parts and raw materials, disrupted production, loss of revenue)
  • Uncertainty due to unfavourable macroeconomic outlook
  • Sustainability
  • Skills shortages
  • New practices due to changed customer needs (subscription services, fleet management)
  • Attracting and nurturing talent
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Changed employee expectations, especially among Gen Zers
  • Increasing cybersecurity risks

Why PwC?

  • Our dedicated team of experts consists of tax, financial, energy, legal, state aid and ESG consultants.
  • PwC has extensive experience with the operation of companies in the industry and the difficulties they face.
  • We are not only familiar with the issues, but we can also provide solutions.
  • PwC has good relations with relevant authorities at local, national and EU level which it can leverage to facilitate negotiations.
  • Our experts have up-to-date knowledge of both the industry and relevant legislation.
  • The PwC network consists of Hungarian and international industry experts.
  • We have had successful projects with several major market players.

Our services for industrial production companies

Audit services

  • Statutory and other audits
  • Internal audit
  • IT project management and quality assurance
  • Audit of group financial statements

Tax and related services

PwC’s specialised tax advisory services and international network together provide the necessary expertise and experience for any advice you might need. PwC’s team offers customized solutions that maximise tax savings and/or minimise tax risk, with particular focus on ensuring full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We provide tax consulting services in the following areas, among others:

  • Tax planning for investment projects;
  • Tax planning and group structuring;
  • Tax due diligence and transaction structuring advice;
  • Local business tax savings;
  • EU and state aid;
  • Employment and residence matters of foreign nationals in Hungary;
  • Issues related to the environmental product fee and waste management;
  • Advice on tax incentives and state aid related to R&D activities carried out in Hungary;
  • Advice on tax incentives and state aid related to investment projects in Hungary;
  • Advice during tax audits carried out by the Tax Authority;
  • Comprehensive planning and compliance services related to transfer pricing;
  • Advice on remuneration and HR matters, developing cafeteria plans, and employee share-option schemes.

ESG and sustainability services

  • Exploring the regulatory environment, and compliance;
  • Reviewing the supply chain;
  • Carbon footprint calculation;
  • Preparing ESG reports;
  • ESG strategic consulting.

Advisory services

  • Reviewing operational efficiency, and related advice;
  • Reviewing financial efficiency, and related advice;
  • Corporate risk management advisory services;
  • Reviewing IT efficiency, and related advice;
  • Reviewing IT security, and related advice;
  • Internal audit services;
  • Business valuation and M&A services;
  • Comprehensive financial due diligence services
  • Energy consulting

Legal services

  • Advice on real estate law and other matters related to investments (including green- and brown-field investments);
  • Legal representation in official/court procedures;
  • M&A, legal due diligence;
  • Advice on energy regulation;
  • Advice on matters related to competition law and consumer protection;
  • Advice on public procurement issues;
  • Legal advice on environmental issues;
  • Labour law-related consultancy (with special focus on employing senior company officials, drafting regulations, redundancy and collective labour law-related issues);
  • Drafting purchase and supply agreements, general terms and conditions;
  • Assistance with IT, legal, intellectual property and data protection matters.
Below is a brief overview of the main challenges and topical issues that the manufacturing sector is currently facing. In all of these, we can provide professional assistance to our clients.


  • Energy efficient and green operation
  • Green transport
  • ESG reporting, extended producer responsibility scheme


  • Labour market attractiveness
  • Employer brand
  • Services for employees

Efficiency and financing

  • Production line optimisation
  • Feasibility studies
  • State aid


  • Identifying risks
  • Controls and monitoring
  • Ethics hotline
  • Data governance strategy

Foreign language services

  • Zhang Xisi, manager of PwC’s China Desk, is responsible for business development related to Chinese companies.
  • At present, three Chinese-speaking colleagues work at the China Desk to help our clients understand our services and perform everyday tasks, and to ensure smooth cooperation. 
  • We have significant experience in Chinese business culture and practices, which greatly facilitates communication with clients.

  • PwC’s Korean Business Group was established in 2021 to assist Korean companies operating in Hungary. Our broad knowledge of the Korean and Hungarian business environments enables us to provide a full range of services to our clients, including tax, financial and legal services.
  • The Korean Business Group consists of professionals with comprehensive knowledge who, together with our expert teams, are committed to providing tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.


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